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Sedona, Arizona carries an energy that has left people in awe for thousands of years. Native Americans who have lived there for as long as their history goes back consider the land sacred, and use it to perform peace, love and clarity ceremonies. On this sunset tour, groups visit 1 or 2 vortex areas and connect with the peaceful energy of the land until sunset. Sedona is nicknamed the "City of Fire" due to the rocks changing color during sunset hours. Tours admire the rocks changing from red, to yellow and orange, casting illusions of the rocks being on fire. Though the tour starts out hot during the day, temperatures drop as the sun goes down, so groups are encouraged to bring along a jacket to fully enjoy the uniquely beautiful sunsets.

The four main vortexes draw people to come from all over the world. Everyday tourists come to hike, bike, and discover the energy that is found on the land. The Sunset Tour includes exploring the National Forest and going to the Vortex energy spots. Individuals plan their tour with the help of guides and receive a customized, tour with the rest of their group. The duration of the tour depends on how many vortexes the group plans to visit; each tour has a guide that offers explanations about the geology, history, and energies of each location. Most tours last between 3-4 hours, but again, are customized for each experience.

The beauty and energy of Sedona, Arizona leaves tourists in awe. The sunsets that are seen night after night only project the unique, awe inspiring beauty that is carried with tourists for a lifetime.

On this tour we will go to 1 or 2 vortex areas within the 2 hours of the tour.  While on the tour we will cover the energies of Sedona as well and connect to the land as well as stay to the sun goes down.  The Native Americans referred to Sedona as the "City of Fire" because of the red rocks change of colors through the sunset.  Watch the reds turn to yellows and oranges and cast the sense of the rocks being on Fire. We travel in a van to the locations.  The temperatures are unique here as soon as the sun goes down the temperatures do too.  So bring alone a jacket to enjoy the full sunset.  You will be picked up at either your lodging or a centrally located spot that will be determined when we connect you after the booking.  

Sedona carries a magical, mysterious energy that has been acknowledged for 1,000's of years by many different people who have lived on the land or visited Sedona. Multiple tribes of Native Americans didn't use the term "Vortex" but felt that the land here was very sacred. Many ceremonies have been performed here to bring the energies of peace, love, clarity, and much more. As visitors come to Sedona they are looking to find the mysterious vortex energies, find their peace, and connect to the earth. In 1980's - 4 energy areas were called the "Vortex" and labeled with Paige Bryant's work. The Bell Rock, Cathedral, (Chapel), Airport, & Boynton Canyon Vista are on National Forest land. There are many minor energy spots unlabeled, are locally connected vortexes to Sedona, and many sacred private & public places also that are powerful to see. 

These main vortexes have been a point of interest for people from all over the world. Each day the land welcomes many tourists on their journey to discover the energy, to hike & bike the red rocks, see the history, be in the nature, and more. Photographers and painters come to capture the landscape that was formed from oceans flowing through and wind vortexes sculpturing the land. The beauty is amazing.    

Our tours will include going on the National Forest Land in Sedona. We carry National Forest permits to go to vortex & energy places around Sedona. The tour locations are planned by you and the guide to customize a personalized tour. The amount of places depends on how long we stay at each site.  As we travel between the vortexes, there will be a narration of the geology, history, energies, and much more. Explanation of many theories of vortexes and other ideas of Sedona will be discussed. The most popular tours are 3-4 hour.

Pickup & Return:
Arranged after confirmation by company. 
Option of a centrally located spot or lodging location in Sedona
Depending on holidays, locations, traffic, etc....
Return to same location of departure.
Departure Times: Please confirm with local operator after booking.

Hotel pickups commence prior to this time, you must contact the local service provider to verify your exact pickup time.

Times are subject to change due to local traffic conditions.


  • Optional centrally located pick up or Hotel pickup and drop-off included in Sedona, AZ area
  • Experienced guide
  • Commercial Permits from the Coconino National Forest
  • Transportation
  • Water and other items for the weather available to use
  • Passes, permits, and fees included

Does not include:

  • Gratuities (optional)

Additional Information:

  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking
  • Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately
  • Subject to favorable weather conditions.
  • If canceled due to poor weather, you will be given the option of an alternative date or full refund

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