Classic Biplane Tour of Sedona

Classic Biplane Tour of Sedona
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There is a wonderful opportunity in Sedona, Arizona to experience the Classic Biplane Tour of Sedona with Sky Safari Charter & Air Tours. This experience is for those wild at heart who would love to view the world from the sky. The view of Sedona provides an abundance of spectacular landmarks for their clients to behold. A few sites you will be able to witness are Bell Rock, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Lee Mountain, and Mt Wilson.

The Classic Biplane Tour of Sedona is a twenty-minute scenic ride that includes hotel pick-up, so you are able to relax and enjoy yourself. Some more places you will be flying over are Munds Canyon, Devil’s Kitchen, Thunder Mountain, and highlights of Red Canyon. Plus, you will be learning about each remarkable location you soar over, enhancing your experience.

When you fly over the Chapel the Holy Cross you will learn about the Three Nuns and how it appears like a natural rock formation. Then while over Devil’s Kitchen sinkhole you can learn about the farmers of the 1800s and how they handled the world shaking, red dust clouding over the sky, ad discovering the dangerous sinkhole. In addition to more fascinating accounts of this incredible place.

This is an amazing way to learn about and get to know the great place of Sedona, Arizona. There are few ways that people can see a view of so many captivating marvels and the Classic Biplane Tour of Sedona is a great chance for it. Don’t forget that there will be no crowds or traffic for your sightseeing experience when you are up in the sky.

Discover the many treasures of Sedona as you fly past Bell Rock, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Lee Mountain and Mt Wilson on a 20-minute biplane ride. Soar through Munds Canyon, see what's cooking at Devil's Kitchen, and storm by Thunder Mountain before traveling past beautiful Red Canyon highlights.

After pickup from your Sedona hotel, take a scenic 20-minute biplane flight over Sedona's treasured landmarks for a unique touring experience! Fly past the Three Nuns, who pray outside of the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and see how this amazing church looks like a natural rock formation.

See Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte before traveling through beautiful Munds Canyon, and enjoy aerial views of Thunder Mountain and Red Canyon.

You'll also discover the Devil's Kitchen sinkhole. Learn how in the early 1880s farmers felt the earth shake and rumble and then saw huge red dust clouds taking over the sky. Upon investigating, they found a conspicuous opening in a rock ledge above the valley floor, and dubbed it Devil's Kitchen.

After your scenic biplane flight, you'll return to your Sedona hotel.

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