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El Corazon Live Music Venue in Seattle, WA

109 Eastlake Ave E Seattle, WA 98109
El Corazon (Which means “The Heart” in Spanish) has been a popular nightclub/live music venue since 2005. It inhabits a space that has been a club or bar since 1910. Throughout its many years of existence, it has gone through several names before its current one: The Off Ramp, Sub-Zero, The Eastlake East Café, Au Go Go, and Graceland. These establishments saw performances by some of Seattle’s most iconic names. Most notably, it was the epicenter of the Grunge revolution in the ‘90s. During these years it was known as Off-Ramp.

During these years the venue made internationally popular such groups as Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Mudhoney. Other important groups it had during these years were The Fall Of Troy, Macklemore, Aiden, Schoolyard Heroes, Himsa, 3 Inches Of Blood, This Providence, and Monsters Scare You. It is today known for hosting the best rock and roll, punk rock, indie rock, hardcore, metal, sweater rock, emo, math rock, experimental, post punk, and Electroclash bands in the city. However, it does not limit itself to styles of music.

It frequently experiments with other styles. A coat check is available and the venue is always open to all ages. The management is very polite and gracious, but be aware that this is not a fancy establishment. It is a simple, darkly lit venue. It does not seem to matter its current name. The venue remains enormously popular no matter what and that does not appear to be changing soon. You will find it in Seattle near I-5. The musical iconic status of the establishment didn’t end with the Grunge revolution; it remains a key part of the Seattle music community.

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