Small-Group Outdoor Adventure and Wine-Tasting Tour in Seattle

Small-Group Outdoor Adventure and Wine-Tasting Tour in Seattle

If a person is planning a vacation to Seattle there is lots of wonderful things to engage in. However if a person loves the outdoors and loves wine then there is a great activity. Do the small-group outdoor adventure and wine-tasting tour in Seattle. This is an all day event. Now once a person books this trip, it will be something they will never forget.

First off a person start's their day off in the morning by choosing to do one of the five following: They can choose to hike through Snoqualmie National Forest, or they can ride in a kayak or ride a bile around the bay area, or the city's beautiful parks. If neither of those two appeal to the tourist they can do some rock climbing at Deception Crags climbing area, or snowshoe through a winter wonderland. Now that is just the first part of the day.

Now after the guest have a wonderful lunch at a winery in Woodinville. After doing their morning adventure then they will be taken to Woodinville Wine Trail by a Mercedes jeep or van. On the trail they will visit 4 wineries and they will get the opportunity to sample some of the famous wines and learn how they make some of these wines.

All in all this is a tourist attraction for people who love the outdoors and love wine. This is a tour people will never forget and will have some great memories to share with their loved ones.

Experience the best of the Pacific Northwest on this one-of-a-kind two-part tour of the Seattle area! Spend your morning enjoying the great outdoors -- depending on the season, choose from hiking, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing or snowshoeing. Then embark on an intimate wine- tasting tour of several boutique wineries in Seattle's beautiful Woodinville area, where you'll enjoy a gourmet picnic-style lunch and taste some of the region's finest wines. This small-group full-day tour in a luxury vehicle is the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

On this unique full-day tour from Seattle, pick one of five exciting outdoor activities to enjoy in the morning , and spend the afternoon wine tasting along the Woodinville Wine Trail in a luxury Mercedes jeep or van with your small group. Hike through Snoqualmie National Forest; cycle or kayak around the city's bays, parks and scenic spots; snowshoe through a Seattle winter wonderland; or try your hand at rock climbing at the Deception Crags climbing area -- all are fantastic ways to experience the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest!

After building up your appetite, you'll be treated to a gourmet picnic lunch at a winery in Woodinville, a city located about 30 minutes from downtown Seattle and known for its world-class varietals. Visit four boutique wineries and enjoy the best wines in the region as you learn about local winemaking and the art of viticulture in a relaxed and casual atmosphere -- a perfect way to end the day!

All activity descriptions, lunch and wine-tasting details can be located in the Itinerary section below .

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