Seattle Shore Excursion: Half-Day Craft Brewery and Microbrewery Tour

Are you planning on getting on a ship to the Seattle Shore! ? Whether you are getting on a boat to the shore, or taking from the shower, why not come and join us for a Seattle Shore Excursion. In this adventure you and your guests will be able to spend half the day doing craft brewery, and the other half will be spent in a microbrewery tour.

If you love the art of making beer, this might just be the perfect experience for you and your guests. This adventure will teach our guests all about both types of beer productions. Microbrewery and Craft Brewery are two types of beer productions, a smaller one being less than 6 millions barrels of beer and the other one being less 15,000.

This adventure will start out of Seattle's cruise port where you and your guests will be meeting up with your local tour guide. From there your guide will give you the complete tour of the Seattle area, letting you see some of the most scenic places in the city like mountains lakes, neighborhoods, as well as the Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, and the Space Needle, and the Olympic Sculpture Park. While getting to know the city your guide will also be taking you to the craft breweries and microbreweries. In each local brewery your guide takes you, everyone will get a chance to taste a variety of the most delicious porters, and well IPA's, pilsners, brown ales, and many more.

For this adventure go ahead and give us a call, or simply book online TODAY!!! We guarantee than you and your family love this excursion.

Spend your time in port seeing the beer-loving side of Seattle on this five-hour small-group tour of the city's craft breweries and microbreweries. The state of Washington is home to more than 80 breweries, most of which are in the Seattle area and value organic and locally grown ingredients. Your guide picks you up at Seattle's cruise port and takes you to three or four of these breweries, teaching you about what goes into each barrel. As you travel between breweries, stop at some of Seattle's most iconic and scenic viewpoints.

While docked in Seattle, take a five-hour small-group brewery tour andlearn about the constantly evolving brewing scene. Whether you're a beer buff or you're simply looking for a unique way to explore Seattle, this fun tour will not disappoint.

First, a little background information - a craft brewery is designated by the American Brewers Association as a small brewery with a production of less than six million barrels of beer; a microbrewery is even smaller, with a production of less than 15,000 barrels of beer. Your guide will take you to both types of local breweries, combining three to four beer-tasting stops with a Seattle city tour before dropping you off in time for your cruise.

Start your afternoon at Seattle's cruise port, and head either north or south depending on the order of breweries your guide determines. The breweries you visit depend on availability and hours of operation, but rest assured you will taste a variety of the most authentic and delicious porters, IPAs, pilsners, brown ales and more. Many of Seattle's breweries value the environment, so you can also expect organic and local ingredients in almost every pint.

Between breweries, your guide will take you past several scenic viewpoints throughout the city to see the mountains, lakes, cityscape and vibrant neighborhoods that make Seattle so beautiful. You'll also see historic Pioneer Square, Pike Place Market, the Space Needle and the Olympic Sculpture Park before returning to your ship.

Worry-free Shore Excursion:

We will ensure your timely return to the Seattle port for this activity. In the rareevent your ship has departed, we will arrange for transportation to the next port-of call.If your ship is delayed and you are unable to attend this activity, your moneywill be refunded. See our terms and conditions for full details.

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