Seattle Seaplane Flight: Cascade Range and Seattle Tour

The Seattle Seaplane Flight is an eighty-minute tour. The tour will go from the Western Mountains of the Cascade Range. This is one of the unforgettable flight. Which includes a great water take-off. Then the seaplane land on Lake Washington plus other Cascade Range exciting mountain landscape.

The seaplane will glide around the top of volcanoes and the peak of Mount Index. Then you get to fly around the city of Seattle. There are beautiful site attractions like the Space Needle, Elliot Bay, and Husky Stadium. There are more attractions to see in Seattle.

The pilot will meet you at the Seattle metropolitan and come to the best seaplane ever. Which flies over the best Seattle water. You can fly over the Seattle Lake Washington while going over the beautiful waterfront. The visitors can sit back and relax in the soaring seaplane.

The pilot will tell about the beautiful coast of the Seattle. You can find Bill Gates home while flying in the seaplane. Then you fly over the mountains and view Western Cascade Range over the center stage. The visitors can gaze out the window to enjoy the beautiful view. You can see the sapphire blue lakes and fly up close to Mount Index. Which is surrounded by mountains. The Seaplane will land on the lake when the tour is over.

On the tour, you can bring family or a couple of friends. The seaplane will glide over volcanoes and huge mountains. The visitors can see the waterfront view of Seattle. You go over Lake Washington and other Seattle attractions. The visitor can relax while on the tour and see exciting mountains. There are the Elliot Bay and the Space Needle which are other sites you can view while on the tour.

Take to Seattle's skies on a thrilling 80-minute seaplane ride to the western mountains of the Cascade Range! The unforgettable flight includes a water take-off and landing from Lake Washington plus aerial views of the Cascade Range's stunning mountain landscape. Glide around the soaring tops of volcanoes and peaks like Mount Index, and then fly above the city of Seattle, looking out for attractions like the Space Needle, Elliot Bay, Husky Stadium and more.

Meet your pilot at Seattle metropolitan area and hop aboard your state-of-the-art seaplane, an amphibian aircraft that not only flies but glides across water, too. Take to the skies from the Seattle's Lake Washington, soaring across the waterfront as you coast over the bustling metropolis below.

Sit back and relax, listening to your pilot's commentary about the sights beneath you. Look out for the lavish home of Bill Gates in the distance, and then start climbing in altitude as you fly east toward the mountains. As Seattle's sprawling urban cityscape slips from your view, the mountains of the western Cascade Range take center stage.

Gaze out of the window and enjoy aerial views of shimmering glaciers, waterfalls and sapphire-blue lakes. Glide between the volcanoes of Mount Baker and Mount Rainier, and fly up-close to Mount Index - the formidable peak that towers above the surrounding mountains.

After soaring around the breathtaking mountain range, descend back to Seattle and gaze in awe at the city stretched out before your eyes. Fly above some of Seattle's top attractions and sights, such as the University of Washington, Husky Stadium and the ship canals that snake around Lake Union and Ballard Locks. Pass West Point and marvel at incredible views of Seattle's skyline including Elliot Bay and the Space Needle observation tower.

As you head back to Lake Washington, peer down into Seattle Seahawk Stadium and Mariners Stadium. Then, finish your flight on a high note with an exhilarating lake landing.

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