Seattle Lunch Cruise: A Taste of History on Elliott Bay

Seattle Lunch Cruise: A Taste of History on Elliott Bay


The Seattle Lunch Cruise is a two-hour tour on the Elliot Bay. You can have the taste of Seattle. On the tour, you will have smoked salmon and warm sourdough bread. While tasting the smoked salmon there is also a Crab Louis salad and learn about the richest city. It went from the Native Americans to the Gold Rush, and now to Americans today.

On the cruise, you can dine and explore the boat and look at fantastic scenery views on the Elliot Bay. The visitors will learn about Seattle's historical facts and the anecdotes about the town. Now Seattle has a rich history and you can learn more about this two-hour cruise on the Elliott Bay.

During the cruise, the visitors can dine with Seattle fare. Which includes smoked salmon, Crab Louis salad, and warm sourdough bread. The visitors can take pictures of the Seattle city skyline.

The visitors can listen to the tour guide about the city and be relaxed. Seattle was founded by the Native Americans. It was more than a century and a half ago. Seattle is not founded on the map. The Europeans settlers named the original "Seattle" during the Gold Rush period. They honor a Duwamish Indian leader name Sealth who was the first setters. The city was known as the "engineered cites" in this world.

If you love to take a cruise to Seattle and see the beautiful city. This is the trip for you and the family. Bring a couple of your friends to taste the best-smoked salmon and crabs meat ever. Which will be served with warm sourdough bread on the Elliot Bay. Remember this cruise is two hours so let's be prepared.

Get a taste of Seattle's history on this 2-hour lunch cruise around Elliott Bay. While dining on delicious Seattle fare, such as smoked salmon, warm sourdough bread and Crab Louis salad, learn about the city's rich history from the Native Americans to the Gold Rush to today. Onboard narration allows you the freedom to dine, explore the boat and take in fantastic scenic views while listening to interesting historical facts and anecdotes about the city.

Learn all about Seattle's rich history on this 2-hour lunch cruise on Elliott Bay. While dining on quintessential Seattle fare, including smoked salmon, Crab Louis salad and warm sourdough bread, take in views of Seattle's iconic city skyline. Listen to the informative and interesting onboard narration as you dine and enjoy a relaxing cruise.

Learn how the city was founded by the Native Americans. More than a century and a half ago, however, the name 'Seattle' could not be found on a map -- the original town site was named 'Seattle' by European settlers during the Gold Rush era, honoring a Duwamish Indian leader named Sealth who had befriended the first settlers. Uncover details about how Seattle has now become one of the most 'engineered' cities in the world. You'll get a true taste of history!

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