Cockspur lighthouse near Savannah GA

Cockspur Island Lighthouse Savannah, GA 31401
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Tybee Island Dolphin Tour Photo
4/16/2024 - 3/31/2025
Get ready for an unforgettable aquatic adventure as you embark upon the Tybee Island Dolphin Tour in Savannah, Georgia!
Discover a sentinel from the past perched on a sandy outpost off the coast of Savannah, Georgia: the Cockspur Lighthouse.

Nestled in the south channel of the Savannah River, near the mesmerizing Tybee Island, this towering emblem of history commands an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean. The lighthouse is renowned for its historic significance, unique architecture, and breathtaking panoramas. It sparks fascination in history buffs, captivates architecture enthusiasts, and seduces nature lovers with its charm. Take a step back in time, soak in the picturesque beauty, and delve into the rich maritime history with a visit to the Cockspur Lighthouse.

First established in 1848, the Cockspur Lighthouse is steeped in Savannah's history. Although small in size—measuring just over 43 feet—it played a massive role as a guide for vessels including merchant and Naval ships navigating the turbulent waters of the south channel. The beacon has faced innumerable tests, including harsh weather, civil war, and tidal waves, yet has triumphantly stood the test of time. Today, under the stewardship of the US National Park Service, the Cockspur Lighthouse is preserved as a reflection of Savannah's long-lasting maritime legacy.

Undoubtedly, two of the most productive periods of the Cockspur Lighthouse's existence were during the 1800s Civil War era, where it earned the epithet 'The Eiffel Tower of Savannah,' and the subsequent refurbishment period in the early 1900s. Its octagonal design, inherent to many Southern lighthouses, and robust oyster-shell concrete structure became a symbol of endurance and faith for both the Civil War soldiers and the local population. Viewed from either the sea or the land, the silhouette of the Cockspur Lighthouse against the setting sun is a sight to behold! Remnants of Euchee, the former quarantine station, present a vivid portrayal of life in past centuries.

While the historic lighthouse can only be reached by boat at low tide or viewed from afar at Fort Pulaski National Monument, it doesn't lessen the appeal. In fact, it adds a layer of adventure for those willing to see it up close. Venturing to viewing spots at the Battery Hambright or the Lighthouse Overlook Trail can be your personal highlights. The calming sound of waves, the rustling of reeds, the sight of the dolphins occasionally splashing in the waters, and the serenity of the surrounding environment all contribute to a surreal, memorable experience.

In summary, the Cockspur Lighthouse is much more than a point of interest near Savannah, Georgia. It's a living chronicle of a bygone era intertwined with engrossing stories, mesmerizing aesthetics, and an enchanting environment. Encapsulated in its structure is a deep sense of historic importance that has rippled through generations. Regardless of whether you're visiting for its historical allure, architectural splendor, or mere tranquility, Cockspur Lighthouse promises an unforgettable, enriching journey into America’s maritime past.

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