SUP Lessons in Santa Fe, New Mexico

SUP Lessons in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Detail Tour is 4 hours.
Detail All equipment provided, plus hearty snack and refreshments are included.
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
SUP Lessons in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Learn a new and fun skill with SUP Lessons in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kids and adults will enjoy learning stand up paddle boarding, or enjoy learning more advanced skills.

Stand up paddle boarding lessons are centered around the needs of the guests. Each instructor will tailor the lessons to fit the needs of the student weather it is a beginner class, or learning more advanced lessons. Each class will feature a low student to instructor ration creating a better learning environment. All courses offered will meet at the Rio Grande Gorge where the whitewater headquarters are located. The boards used are ideal for their superior stability and ease of use. Each paddle boarding trip will include plenty of instructional time as well as time to rest on the banks of the river with a delightful snack and refreshments. All equipment is supplied for this excursion, and the nice warm water makes learning much easier and more comfortable. Lessons are offered daily and each course lasts around three hours. Beginner lessons will start on flat water in the Bosque section or another area lake, and as individuals advance, they will move on to water increasing in movement.

Weather you are a beginner or well versed in stand up paddle boarding, these lessons are a fun way to spend the day and enhance any vacation. Head to Santa Fe, New Mexico and learn a new skill with the gifted instructors teaching stand up paddle boarding.

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