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San Francisco, California Weather Information

San Francisco features four distinct seasons of weather making it an interesting city to visit during any time of year.

Fall in San Francisco

  • Surprisingly, the summer months are not the warmest — here, fall temperatures are the warmest and most pleasant of the year, as highs typically reach 63 to 73 degrees.  Fall time lows are in the 50s, and nights are crisp and clear.  September through November is the best time of year to plan a visit to San Francisco, since the occurrence of rain and fog is low, while days are warm and sunny.  Visitors should bring shorts and short-sleeved shirts for the warmest days, but they will also need some long pants, light jackets, and long-sleeved shirts and sweaters for the occasional cool afternoon, and for the always-cool evenings.

Winter in San Francisco

  • Winter in San Francisco features highs between 57 and 61 degrees with lows between 45 and 48 degrees.  December is the cloudiest month of the year in San Francisco when the sun shines on 45% of the days.  To be comfortable during the overcast, cool days, and crisp nights, visitors should bring sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, long-sleeved shirts, pants and closed-toed shoes.  Though there is rarely any snow from December through February, this is the rainy time of the year, so umbrellas, waterproof shoes, and raincoats are necessary. Days that receive no precipitation are clear and sunny.

Spring in San Francisco

  • Springtime is the second best time of year to visit San Francisco.  Days during March, April, and May are usually warm, dry, and clear.  Daytime temperatures reach 62 to 65 degrees and lows are between 48 and 51 degrees. April is the sunniest month, with sunshine on 74% of the days. 

Summer in San Francisco

  • San Francisco's summers are surprisingly cool. From June through August, the marine layer rolls in from the coast, covering the city in a blanket of fog that usually clears by afternoon.  Nights and evenings are always cool, so visitors should be sure to pack long pants, close-toed shoes, long-sleeved shirts, and sweaters, as well as a jacket or two for layering.  Summers in San Francisco are typically dry. Summer highs range from 68 to 70 degrees and lows are between 53 and 56 degrees.

The driest months in San Francisco are between May and September, while November to January are the most rainy months.  In January, typical rainfall is 4 inches.

Visitors seeking up-to-date, accurate weather forecasts should visit our San Francisco weather page for help in packing the perfect vacation wardrobe and accessories!

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