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Learn all about art, history, religion, music, and much more on a San Francisco, California museum tour. With several amazing options, it will be hard to pick just one museum for your vacation!
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San Francisco Museums

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Kelp Forest
Hopping on a mesmerizing ride through the stars in the planetarium and then traversing through dense rainforest while learning about planet earth is just the beginning with a pre-paid ticket to the California Academy of Sciences.
Available 105 days between Sep 21, 2018 & Jan 6, 2019 View Schedule
Jelly Fish
The California Academy of Sciences NightLife is a fun scene that you will be able to enjoy time and time again on this interesting and fun trip, from the nightly outdoor music to the learning experience like no other around.
Available 21 days between Sep 20, 2018 & Apr 25, 2019 View Schedule
There are museums in which you will travel and see where you will have the best time for the bargains you are looking for when vacationing in California where there is the best science tours young students could ever ask for.
Available 99 days between Sep 21, 2018 & Dec 31, 2018 View Schedule
See One of the 28 Original Casts of Rodin's The Thinker
Consider one of the great treasures of the city by the bay this museum is worth seeing for its historical French architecture alone , but with admission individuals can see more than 124,000 pieces of art from paintings to sculptures.
Available 111 days between Sep 20, 2018 & Jun 30, 2019 View Schedule
Investigate an Upside-Down World at the Giant Mirror Exhibit
Conveniently located on Pier 15, you will explore over 600 different hands on exhibits where guests of all ages will learn about human movement, optical illusions, plant and insect anatomy, global ecosystems, the physics of sound and much more!
Available 192 days between Sep 20, 2018 & Apr 30, 2019 View Schedule
Discover the wonders of The Walt Disney Family Museum through interactive galleries
If you are looking for family-friendly museums, treat your family to an afternoon at The Walt Disney Family Museum, which features early drawings, cartoons and films created by Walt himself, as well as gorgeous views of the San Francisco Bay.
Available 116 days between Sep 20, 2018 & Mar 31, 2019 View Schedule
Enjoy Amazing Views from the Hamon Education Tower Observation Deck
All entrance fees are included with this tour and the duration of the tour is flexible; you can also upgrade your ticket for the tour to see special exhibits in the museum.
Available 88 days between Sep 20, 2018 & Dec 30, 2018 View Schedule
The museums are ready for you to tour in the San Francisco area with a chance for you to learn all there is in the museum or possibly review what you already know as your family and friends have fun as well.
Available 24 days between Sep 22, 2018 & Jul 27, 2019 View Schedule
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