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San Francisco has some of the best culinary tour activities because it has some world famous food. The Taste of San Francisco Tour attraction offers a good taste of San Francisco while walking through some of the most fascinating neighborhoods in the area.
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San Francisco Culinary Tours

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Chinatown San Francisco
I did not know that San Francisco had the oldest Chinatown in the United States so when I found out I had to do this amazing culinary tour that combines Chinatown and Little Italy foods for so much yum!
Available 9 days between Oct 16, 2018 & Oct 31, 2018 View Schedule
Mission District Culinary Experience with Alcohol Pairing
Traveling to San Francisco for a Food Tour of the Mission District, with Optional Cocktail Pairing, should be on every living soul's bucket list if you want to experience the bliss this city offers!
Available 135 days between Oct 19, 2018 & Aug 30, 2019 View Schedule
Our Guide
There is no better way to stroll through the acclaimed Old San Fransisco Ferry Building Farmers Market tasting gourmet coffee and world-famous cheeses than in a guided culinary tour lead by a fellow food enthusiast.
Available 69 days between Oct 23, 2018 & Jun 25, 2019 View Schedule
Taste the flavors of San Francisco's Japantown
Try something new different in San Francisco; it's home to one of only 3 Japantowns in the U.S. and this tour will guide you to the best eateries while sharing local cultural stories leaving everyone happy and full.
Available 76 days between Oct 26, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
Fresh Produce
The San Francisco Food tour is an all-inclusive trip. You can get tips from the locals. On the tour, you will have a professional tour guide. There are free snacks on the tour. First-time visitors would have a wonderful time in the beautiful city. This is a three-hour tour and you can have authentic tacos and Mexican entrees. After the tour, you can have ice cream.
Available 34 days between Nov 1, 2018 & Jun 27, 2019 View Schedule
Chandon Wine Barrels
Enjoy this small-group wine country tour with friends and loved ones to ensure personalized service; the tour is also fully narrated, so you can learn first-hand information about the wines the area is known for.
Available 15 days between Oct 17, 2018 & Oct 31, 2018 View Schedule
Best of Berkeley Gourmet Food Tour
The best of Berkeley gourmet food tour is going to be refreshingly delightful there will be different types of cuisine different things to see and free snacks are included it's going to be an overall exciting and tastefully done tour.
Available 69 days between Oct 25, 2018 & Jun 22, 2019 View Schedule
Learn About the Exciting History of This Once Notorious Neighborhood
When I think of San Fransisco, California, immediately food comes to mind, that's why I am taking one of those culinary tours with a local guide for three hours, who will share their knowledge about both the historical significance of the sites we walk by to learn how and why certain foods became so popular in the area, and as a bonus, sampling some of these tasty treats with a little wine included sounds fun.
Available 46 days between Oct 20, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
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