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San Diego Weather Information

San Diego, the seventh largest city in the nation, has such an amazing climate that Holiday Magazine declared it the only place with a perfect climate!  With a Mediterranean climate, the days in San Diego are warm and sunny with relatively low humidity. The average daily temperature is 70 degrees, and winter temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees.

Summer in San Diego

Summertime highs are 71 to 78 degrees with humidity around 74%. Warm, sunny days make San Diego the perfect destination for those who love the beach and other outdoor activities. In addition to shorts, short-sleeved shirts and swim wear, be sure to pack a light jacket or long-sleeved tops for layering, as evenings can be cool.  June is sometimes a cloudy month.

Fall in San Diego

Fall is a beautiful time of year in San Diego. Daily highs are around 70 to 77 degrees, and humidity is around 65 to 70%. Santa Ana winds occasionally blow in warmer air from the desert, so days in the fall can even be quite warm.

Winter in San Diego

As fall draws to a close and winter sets in, temperatures continue to be pleasant and warm. Highs from December through February are between 65 and 66 degrees, so shorts and short sleeved shirts are comfortable on the warmest winter days. Evenings are always cool because of offshore breezes, so visitors will want to have a jacket or light sweater in their suitcases. Umbrellas and raincoats are also a good thing to pack for a winter trip to San Diego.

Spring in San Diego

Springtime highs are pleasant, and hover in the high 60s. As spring flowers and trees show their colors, many visitors enjoy being outdoors to enjoy the lush, green surroundings after the rainy months of winter. There are occasional showers in the spring months, as well, so visitors will benefit from packing an umbrella and rain jacket. Travelers should also bring a mid-weight jacket or sweater, as well as some long pants, shorts, and short-sleeved shirts.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit San Diego, be sure to take advantage of our current city forecasts and climate information to help you pack the perfect travel bag!

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