Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio

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Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio
Detail Most guests spend 1 or 2 full days at the park.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
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Incredible Fun at Schliterbahn Waterpark San Antonio
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Incredible Fun at Schliterbahn Waterpark San AntonioSchlitterbahn Waterpark San AntonioComing Down a Slide at Schlitterbahn Waterpark San AntonioRaft Waterslide at Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio
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Lazy River at Schlitterbahn Waterpark San AntonioFamily at Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio

Visit the number one voted water park in the state of Texas and the world by its patrons for the past 16 years at Schlitterbahn Water Park in the beautiful city of San Antonio. This amazing park features everything from slides, rides, to pools, and a lazy river, allowing for visitors of all ages to beat the Texas heat and have a splashing good time! 

Schlitterbahn Water Park is designed to give your whole family a cool place to chill out. The park spans across 70 acres and fronts the beautiful Comal River. Here, you can relax and unwind while you float lazily down over three miles of tube rides, but you will want to hang on because some of these lazy tube rides have some white water rapids around some of the corners!

Family Rides

Aquaveyer: The Aquaveyer is a conveyer belt that takes guests to their ride for an endless loop of fun. They don't even need to get out of their tubes!

Backsplash: This awesome body slide splashes guests into the Kristal River! 

Bamboozle Bay Heated Pool: Visit this favorite attraction of the park with a swim-up bar or just relax in the heated waters of the pool.

The Beach Wave Pool: This wave pool is an adventure for everyone! Whether you're looking to catch some waves, lay out in the sun, or take a ride down the shipwreck slide, The Beach Wave Pool is where you'll want to be!

Blastenhoff Beach: This wave pool is for every member of the family. Catch some gnarly waves or lounge and get some sun!

Dragon's Lair Heated Pool: An area specially dedicated to those visitors 21 years of age and older, Dragon's Lair Heated Pool offers a swim-up bar and a heated pool. Enjoy an alcoholic drink as you relax and unwind!

Hang Ten Harbor Activity Pool: Use your hands to inch your way over bobbing foam logs. This attraction beats out those old time monkey bars!

Kristal Cove: Take some time to relax before getting back to those big, thrill rides. Layout, wade, and then take a swim over to the Kristal River when you're ready to start back up!

Kristal River: One of three lazy rivers at Schlitterbahn, Kristal River is swimming distance from Kristal Cove. Swim or float on a tube or alligator as you make your rounds. Take as many laps as you want in this lazy river!

Lagoon Heated Pool: Think of this pool as a massive hot tub. Grab a drink, take a seat, and relax in the warm waters of the Lagoon Heated Pool.

Lava Lagoon Heated Pool: Differing from the Lagoon Heated Pool, the Lava Lagoon includes bubbles and a volcano fountain!

Gator Bowl Activity Pool: Relax with a swim, lay out in the sun, or take the challenge of walking with your hands across the rope bridge at the Gator Bowl Activity Pool!

River Bend Pool: Looking for a pool or hot tub with a view? Check out River Bend Pool for relaxation with awesome scenery!

Kids Rides

Butterfly Bayou: With plenty of water slides for the tiny ones, Butterfly Bayou will have your kids wanting more fun!

Han's Hideout: This kid's play area is a five-story water fun house containing water cannons, buckets dumping water, various water guns, and slides!

Kinderhaven: Another children's play area, Kinderhaven offers the little ones endless fun! With a wading pool, a pirate ship, and soft slides, the youngsters will be kept busy for hours on end!

Lagoon Kids' Area: This area is dedicated to those little ones in search of thrill! The Lagoon Kiddie Park is the perfect spot for parents to let their little ones run wild while they relax on the side. Kids can slide down one of the many slides in the area and wade in the shallow waters!

Lagoon Activity Pool: This giant kids play area is full of waterfalls, water volleyball, and almost a full acre of room to wade in a tube! The whole family could easily spend a full day here!

Polywog Pond Kiddie Park: With slides, spraying water, and swinging bridges, this area is sure to have your little ones busy for hours!

Schatze's Central Park: With a root beer stand, an ice cream parlor, a car wash, and a magical castle, what more could the youngsters ask for? This kids play area will keep your children busy with endless adventure!

Tadpool Kiddie Pool: Slides that resemble frogs, turtles, and seashells will keep your little ones busy at the Tadpool Kiddie Pool! Parents can sit back and relax at one of the many picnic tables surrounding the pool. or join their kids in the fun!

Kiddie Coast: Send the kids over to the pirate ship, the submarine, or the water cannons at Kiddie Coast to have a crazy good time!

Sea Creature Cove: Take a break from the hectic water rides and relax at Sea Creature Cove! Let your children meet the friendly dragon slide or cool off with the two giant mushroom sprayers!

Thrill Rides

Bahnzai Pipeline: Four stories of tunnels and slides make this ride unique from the rest of the rides at Schlitterbahn!

Black Knight: You'll never see what's coming with this ride containing only enclosed tunnels making seeing anything near impossible! The 550-foot slides will have you constantly questioning your fate!

Boogie Bahn Surfing Ride: Take this surf challenge through 50,000 gallons of water! Grab a body board and risk the inevitable newcomer wipe out! No worries though. These wipe outs take place in only a few inches of water on a foam-covered surface, so let loose and hang ten!

Cliffhanger Tube Chute: On this ride, you'll not only get the thrill of fast-paced sliding, but you'll also get an incredible view!

Congo River Expedition: This wild adventure will bring you face-to-face with massive waterfalls, wild animals, and an underground mine! Take a float on this lazy river and stay in as long as you want!

Deluge: This faster-paced tube ride will take you winding through a canyon full of unexpected waves!

Der Bahn Speed Slides: Bring along two opponents and race down this three-lane slide for a wild ride!

Double Loop Body Slides: Twist, turn, and speed down these body flumes before splashing into the pool below!

Downhill Racer: You and a challenger can speed down these two slides, dropping down three stories! You'll sprawl across a foam sled with handles and slide across the landing zone at the end!

Dragon's Revenge: Have you ever heard of an uphill water coaster? That's because this is the first of its kind! Up, down, and all around, this coaster will be the adventure of a lifetime!

The Falls: Earning the title of the world's longest water park ride, The Falls is a 3,600 foot-long ride can take you to Blastenhoff, Surfenburg, and other beach areas across the River Bend!

Hillside Tube Chute: This tube chute will send you on sharp turns from left to right as you make your way down!

Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster: Continuously voted as the best water slide ride in the United States, Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster sends riders who are brave enough down a three-story plunge, back up, and then through a dark tunnel, before shooting them into the pool below!

Raging River Tube Chute: Take this 45-minute tube-riding journey from one end of the park to the other!

Skycoaster: This cross between skydiving and hang gliding sends guests soaring through the air over the park!

Soda Straw Body Slide: This tube slide makes for a narrow way down into the Lagoon Pool!

Torrent River: Drift along the river in a tube through Blastenhoff. With all the waves and unexpected turns, you could stay on this river for hours!

White Water Tube Chute: You'll begin your tube ride by falling down a waterfall! Upon landing, you'll be spiraled down multiple small drops before falling off a cliff! Your fall will leave you in the Comal River.

Wolfpack Raft Slide: Bring up to four friends or family members along for this ride. Jump inside a raft and take the plummet down big drops and sharp twists!


Schlitterbahn Water Park offers over 25 different options for food, so going hungry just isn't an option! These locations offer barbecue, pizza, flatbread sandwiches, bratwursts, burgers, chicken strips, grilled chicken sandwiches, and so many more delectable treats! If you've got a craving for something sweet, no worries! The park also offers funnel cakes, ice cream, and Dippin Dots. You can also bring your own food to enjoy a relaxing picnic!

There are so many options at San Antonio Schlitterbahn Water Park, you won't want to miss this adventure of a lifetime! So bring the whole family for a vacation they all can enjoy! 

So whether you are young or old, a trip to Schlitterbahn is sure to be a fun adventure. Don’t miss out any of the other great locations including Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Resort, Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort South Padre Island, Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston (Schlitterbahn Galveston Island waterpark), Schlitterbahn Riverpark & Resort Corpus Christi, and Schlitterbahn Waterpark Kansas City. A visit to a Schlitterbahn park is bound to be a fantastic one, so get your Schlitterbahn ticket today and enjoy tons of other fun adventures in the city with a vacation package bundle to San Antonio!

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Rajkumar Malhodra
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"We did not want to come out of the parks, it was so good."
We did not want to come out of the parks, it was so good.
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jared snider
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Awesome water park."
Awesome water park. You can go rain or shine. Very friendly and helpful staff
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Kaleb Lynes
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Totally Awesome"
Totally awesome can't wait to go back
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Amber-Nicole Wolfe
cleveland, mississippi
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"most fun we have had in a long time"
The most fun we have had in a long time it was very crowded and hot but the water was ice cold and awesome !! Wear a ton of sunscreen!!
Frequently Asked Questions for Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio:
  • What is included in the Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio admission price?
    Includes all-day admission to Schlitterbahn Water Park.
  • What on-site amenities are available?
    ATMs, eateries, changing stations, restrooms, and life jackets and kids' tubes are provided.
  • Is parking available on-site?
    Yes. Parking is free.
  • Are lockers available at Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio?
    Yes. There is a rental fee. Rental fees are subject to change.
  • Are tubes available at Schlitterbahn Waterpark San Antonio? If so, is there a fee?
    Yes. Tubes are free and are first-come first-serve.