Quebec Hot Air Balloon Flight

Quebec Hot Air Balloon Flight

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If you are looking for a nice and a romantic time in the air then you'll be able to enjoy this balloon flight in Québec. It will be the ultimate adventure for you in the air and you'll be able to have the time of your life. You will experience beautiful scenic views of Québec city and it will be exceptional. You'll be able to enjoy the city at Don or choose the sunset for a more peaceful experience. There are a lot of options for you when you are looking to have this balloon flight. It will be your chance to see this city from a whole new perspective as you have great views and experience beauty, unlike anything you've imagined. You will Have the time of your life and is the perfect chance for you to bring someone special with you. If you are looking for a wonderful adventure and experience then you will want to go to Québec city for this balloon flight.

It is a peaceful and calm and experience to see a big city from the sky and one of the most beautiful cities in Canada as well. There are multiple options for when to take it and you will love either one. You will receive all the technical information you need to know before you go up. It will be a very important part of actually going up and flying. This will be a tremendous chance for you to really relax and enjoy something nice.

Is time for you to take your Québec air balloon flight and enjoy something special for the day. It will be a great opportunity for you to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Take to the skies above Quebec City and surrounding areas in a hot air balloon to enjoy a bird's eye view of this charming and beautiful region. Take a sunrise flight to enjoy the city awaken at dawn, or choose a sunset flight for the tranquility of flying as the sun goes down.

After check-in, you'll be transported to the take-off site where the balloon will be inflated (those that wish can participate). You will receive the required technical information and then prepare for take-off!

Experience the magnificent views of Quebec from a whole new perspective. During this one hour flight, marvel over the unique breathtaking sights and landmarks the area has to offer. Highlights include Quebec City, the St. Lawrence River, the ile d'Orleans and the Laurentian Mountains.

During your flight, air temperature is more or less the same as on the ground and the balloon moves at the same speed as the air around it. The ground crew is in radio contact with the pilot and follows the balloon to landing.

You will never look at Quebec City the same way again! Allow us to return you to your Quebec City hotel after an experience of a lifetime!

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