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Scarehouse near Pittsburgh, PA

118 Locust St Pittsburgh, PA 15223
People love the events that take place during the Halloween season. Halloween gives people reasons to dress up, be other people and to just have fun. Haunted Houses also give people a reason to go out and have fun to celebrate the holiday.

Scarehouse has all the jumps, scares, thrills and excitement that anyone could ask for when going out to a haunted house. Scarehouse near Pittsburgh, PA is made up of a group of artists along with builders who work and plan all year long to bring you one of the most exciting events you can go to for Halloween.

Scarehouse has been ranked as one of the must-attend attractions for Halloween by The Travel Channel and has also been featured on Television Shows and Publications such as Good Morning America, USA Today, CBS News, ABC News, Buzzfeed, Forbes along with a long line of many other well know media organizations. Even big-name stars such as Elijah Wood and Seth Rogan, just to name a few, have sung the praises of Scarehouse.

There are plenty of different parts of the Scarehouse that you can check out when you visit. This year they had things like The Sunset Lodge, Infernal and Nocturnia 3-D which all provide their own unique scares to really get you into the Halloween spirit.

If you happen to live in or are in the area of Pittsburgh, PA for Halloween be sure to check out Scarehouse.

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