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Haunted Hills Estate near Pittsburgh, PA

236 Rolling Hills Estate Road Uniontown, PA 15401
Haunted Hills Estate is a frightening attraction that delivers a variety of scares to those who think that they can withstand the sights and sounds. The attraction is located on over 100 acres with many trails and exhibits to get through. Some of the attractions are not meant for those who are young or those who can't tolerate scares while others are for older children, teens, and adults.

This is an attraction that features several haunted houses and trails at one stop. You can go through as many as you like when you visit Haunted Hills Estate. There are games to play if you don't like the haunted scene as well as a variety of treats to enjoy for the Halloween season. Each year brings new characters and new exhibits. One of the haunted houses to walk through features a mad scientist who is trying to control his patients. You'll see everything from bodies to frightening clowns as you make your way from one exhibit to the next. There's also the spooky music that can get to your mind at times, playing on the fears that you have while seeing the displays.

If you're up for a frightening challenge, then consider a trip to Haunted Hills Estate near Pittsburgh. This isn't your typical haunted house as there are dozens of exhibits. After exploring, spend some time with friends as you enjoy a sweet treat or beverage.

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