Tombstone & The Wild West

Tombstone & The Wild West

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Tombstone & The Wild West
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Take in the history and architecture that represents the Wild West with this fantastic tour to Tombstone, Arizona, and see the Tombstone Courthouse and Boothill Cemetery, walk the streets of this historic boomtown, and listen to informative accounts from a knowledgeable tour guide! On your way to the historic mining town, you will make a quick stop at San Xavier Mission to take in the Moorish-inspired architecture, Latin-cross layout, and sheer beauty of the frescoes, carvings, and statues that lie within the walls of this beautiful Mission. While you explore this historic Spanish mission, your tour guide will give you informative trivia about the origins and founding of the building. After exploring the San Xavier Mission, make your way to Tombstone while taking in the local flora and fauna of Arizona, from sweeping desert vistas to cactus forests and distant mountains, and have your camera ready to take numerous pictures of the landscapes you pass, as well as the mining town you will be exploring during your tour!

Walk through the streets of "The Town Too Tough To Die" and see numerous historical buildings up close, including the Bird Cage Theatre, Schieffelin Hall opera house, O.K. Corral, and numerous other saloons visited by Doc Holliday. Learn about the famous conflicts that took place within the streets of this booming silver town, including the gunfight at O.K. Corral between a few members of the outlaw group known as the "Cow-Boys" and the Earp brothers. Hear the founding and history of this amazing mining town, from it's humble beginnings as a single ore vein discovered by the town's founder, Ed Schieffelin to the booming mining town that held over 14,000 residents! This is the perfect addition to your vacation in Arizona, and is a great tour for the Western or History lover in your family!

Tombstone - Nicknamed "The Town Too Tough To Die", Tombstone was founded in 1879 and served as the richest silver mining town in Arizona. From it's beginnings as a single silver-ore vein mining site, the town quickly grew to house nearly 14,000 residents and boasted bowling alleys, an ice cream parlor, churches, newspapers, and over 100 saloons and theaters. Tombstone is most well-known for the O.K. Corral shootout that involved the Earp brothers and a few members of the outlaw group "The Cowboys".

Boot Hill Cemetery - The origin of this interesting cemetery name originated from a common saying "they died with their boots on", with occupants that perished violently in gunfights, hangings, or other non-natural causes. Boot Hill is a somewhat common name for a cemetery, with over 40 towns that boast a "Boot Hill" cemetery, including a couple of prison cemeteries overseas. Some of the occupants in the Tombstone "Boot Hill" cemetery include Billy Clanton and the McLaury Brothers, infamous "Cowboy" outlaws killed in the O.K. Corral gunfight.

O.K. Corral - This corral served as one of seven liveries and corrals in the city of Tombstone between 1879 and 1887, and is the projected site of the gunfight between the Earp brothers and a few members of the "Cowboys", though the actual fight took place six doors down the street. The corral and most of Tombstone's western business district burned down in a massive fire in 1882. The district was rebuilt soon after and the corral is now part of the Tombstone Historic District.

San Xavier Mission - Mission San Xavier del Bac is a historic Catholic mission named for Francis Xavier, a pioneering missionary and co-founder of "Jesiut Order", or the Society of Jesus. The mission is nestled on the banks of the Santa Cruz River, once the home to the Indian settlement Tohono O'odham. The mission was founded in 1692 in a church approximately two miles away, and was eventually destroyed by Apache Indians in 1770. The current mission was built between 1783-97 by the Franciscans, and serves the Catholics of the San Xavier District.

Recommended Attire - Comfortable and supportive clothing and shoes are recommended, as you will be able to get out of the vehicle and walk through the town and take pictures. Hats, sunscreen, and a light jacket are also suggested, along with weather-appropriate clothing.

Tour Highlights:

Visit Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone Courthouse, and Saloons visited by Doc Holliday.
Guided and narrated tour.
Stop at San Xavier Mission and Tombstone. 

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