Apache Trail, Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise

Apache Trail, Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise

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Apache Trail, Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise
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Experience the beauty and history of the Superstition Mountains with this fantastic tour that takes you into the mountains to see landmarks and natural features such as Peralta Canyon and Weaver's Needle, and shows you sweeping desert views, takes you to an old mining town and on a scenic Steamboat cruise around Canyon Lake! Explore the wilderness of Arizona while listening to a narration that includes local legends, historical facts, and geological information from a professional and friendly tour guide. See the Superstition Mountains, named for a rumored mine hidden within the rugged terrain, and behold some of the massive landmarks and formations that call this massive mountain range home. Navigate the Apache Trail, once used by ancient Apache Indians to travel through these unforgiving mountains and later used as a stagecoach route, and visit Goldfield, an old gold mining town that once attracted enough residents to build a brewery and three saloons, general store, schoolhouse, blacksmith, and more. During your visit in Goldfield, you will learn the legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, said to be hidden somewhere within the Superstition Mountains.

Make your way through the Apache Trail and to the beautiful Canyon Lake, where you will enjoy a 90-minute steamboat cruise on this portion of the Salt River. Look up at the majesty and sheer size of Superstition Mountain and take in the vast beauty of the Sonoran desert landscape, keeping an eye out for the native bighorn sheep and bald eagles, among other fascinating wildlife! This amazing tour and cruise combination is the perfect addition to any Arizona vacation or weekend getaway, with something for every nature or history lover in your family. Be sure to bring extra memory for your camera to capture all of the scenic vistas and landmarks you are guaranteed to see on this tour!

Superstition Mountains - Also known as the 'Superstitions', this jagged mountain range makes it's home within the Superstition Wilderness Area and features a variety of landmarks and peaks, such as Weaver's Needle, Peralta Canyon, and the mysterious Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.

Apache Trail - The Apache Trail was originally a travel route used by Apache Indians through the Superstition Mountains, and was later adapted into a stagecoach trail. It winds through 40 miles of desert mountains and past reservoir lakes such as Apache Lake and Canyon Lake. It is the main traffic way through Apache Junction and connects Apache Junction to Theodore Roosevelt Lake, winding through the Superstition Mountains and Tonto National Forest.

Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - Perhaps the most famous lost mine in American History, the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is rumored to be hidden within the Superstition Mountains and filled with rich gold ore. There are also theories that the mine is hidden in Mexico, and some have died attempting to find the riches tucked within the wilderness. The mine is named after German immigrant Jacob Waltz, from the German word for German, 'Deutsch', and the term Dutchman was commonly used by Americans in relation to Germans.

Recommended Attire - Comfortable and supportive clothing and shoes, hats, sunscreen, and a light jacket are recommended.

Tour Highlights:

  • Views of the Superstition Mountains and Sonoran Desert.
  • Visit to Goldfield Mining Town.
  • 90 Minute Steamboat Cruise.
  • Narrated and guided tour. 

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