Palm Springs Wildlands Preserve Nature Tour

Palm Springs Wildlands Preserve Nature Tour
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The Palms Springs Wildlands Preserve Nature Tour is available for those tourists who want to see the beautiful city of Palm Springs which is located in Colorado. Tourists will get a chance to see the Wildlands Conservancy. The activity will lead the tourists to the most beautiful exhibits such as mountains, valleys, and deserts.

This is a family-friendly activity with an expert tour guide leading the way and explaining all the changes in the area with the weather. Most tourists have learned in school that areas that are preserved have a systematic formation in which all the land and animals contribute to. In other words, one plant helps another plant, and it's the same for animals.

Tourists spend all day traveling and sightseeing in this area. There is a tour guide that is available to do the explaining, but it is best to arrange that prior to showing up for the activity. There is a moderate amount of walking that is involved with the tour. It is best to dress according to the weather chances in this area.

The highlight of this trip is based on the Mojave Desert that is the primary reason why this area is able to conserve. Due to the process of evaporation, the areas work together like a family. It is beautiful to tourists when all of the history of this area is explained.

Palm Springs is known for its beautiful weather. The animals that tourists gain a chance to see on this tour along with the plants gives children more to learn and valuable lessons to teach growing up. Tourists will notice how plants can grow without water and food, but the area gets a mist from the surrounding places which makes it identical to a tropical island. When booking this tour, the adventurists will see what it takes to survive in this area and be able to teach family and friends.

This nature tour from Palm Desert takes you on a scenic journey through Southern California's rich, diverse scenery. Traveling from the Colorado Desert to the Mojave Desert, you'll visit three unique landscapes of theWildlands Conservancy, a network of 12 nature preserves full of beautiful mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers and coasts.Enjoy awe-inspiring views from the comfort of your air-conditioned coach, witness the mighty San Andreas fault, and take some nature walks with your expert guide togain intimate knowledge about this amazing preserve system around Palm Springs.

You'll be picked up from your Palm Desert hotel at your selected departure time. Aboard a comfortable air-conditioned coach, relax on the drive to three magnificent nature preserves around Palm Springs.

Your expert guide will teach you all about the Wildlands Conservancy, which operates California's largest non-profit nature preserve system. Spanning more than 145,000 acres (58,679 km), this preserve system includes 12 magnificent landscapes, including mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers and coasts.

This 4-hour tour takes you from the Colorado Desert to the Mojave Desert and back. Admire the towering majesty of Mt San Jacinto, learn about the huge aqueduct system in Southern California, and see visual evidence of the mighty San Andreas fault that makes these unique habitats possible.

You'll marvel at the spectacular scenery from the comfort of your coach, and hop off occasionally to explore by foot. These short, flat hikes give you a more intimate look at these treasured natural environments. You'll see rivers, marshes, trout ponds and more as you follow you follow your guide down shady tree-line paths. Refuel on board with snacks and bottled water in between the three preserves, which may include Coachella, Whitewater and Mission Creek.

After your nature tour, you'll be taken back to your Palm Desert hotel.

Please note: Total tour duration is inclusive of hotel pickup and drop-off time.

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