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Activities, Hotels, and More

Popular Activities
Experience the beautiful wildlife with a 2-hour guided truck tour to see the wild horses and many other animals along the way. These wild horses roam free along the gorgeous shores and sandy beaches of the North Carolina coast. You will load up in the back of an open-air truck built with a canopy to enjoy the surrounding views. Head out as your guide takes you to the gorgeous areas to see the wild horses and hear fun facts and stories along the way about the area and the animals you will see. This activity will be a blast for all as you experience the coast in a new way and get an up-close look at the majestic horses.
Cruise the area with this fun bike rental experience with your loved one or family and friends. The rental includes a helmet safety and the beach cruiser bicycle for you to explore the area. Head to all your fun activities with this fun transportation, or just spend time together scoping out the local scenery. The rental has bikes for all ages, even kids, so that everyone in your party can join in on this fantastic adventure.

Corolla Adventure Park
Enjoy the largest aerial adventure park. The Corolla Adventure Park includes a challenge course with over 66 obstacles and 8 zip lines and range from 12 feet off the ground to a whopping 50 feet in the sky. With different levels available on the course, you can start slow at the lower course and work your way up to the difficult, high up challenges. The park also includes an axe throwing area where you and your friends and family (ages 12 and over) can put your skills to the test and see who the better lumber jack is.

Historic Locations and Landmarks

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Standing at 208-feet tall, this black and white candy cane striped lighthouse has protected the coastline since the 1870s. Today, you can take a journey up to the top of the lighthouse and witness the gorgeous scenery from above, although, climbing the 248 spiral steps is no easy feat, but will definitely be worth the trip once you reach the top! Don’t forget to bring your camera.

Wright Brothers National Memorial
The memorial commemorates the first ever successful powered flight performed by the Wright Brothers in the early 1900s at this location. Located at the memorial, you can see replica hangars that resemble the original hangars and living quarters. There are markers along the ground to see the flight path that was taken during this time as well as the 60-foot granite monument to honor their genius minds and perseverance to begin the history of flight for the world.

Experience Nature

Jockey’s Ridge State Park
The Jockey Ridge State Park is well-known for the tallest living sand dune along the Atlantic coastline. The park includes a visitor center, boardwalk, nature trail, and the perfect place to enjoy the sunset during your vacation. The dunes are only just a portion of the park, the park also includes trails that move through beautiful live oaks and wetlands. The area is also known for hang gliders and many vendors offer lessons so you can learn this amazing hobby.

North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island
The North Carolina Aquarium allows you to see a variety of marine life and other animals from the local area. The aquarium includes alligators, snakes, river otters, sea turtles, a variety of fish, sharks, and stingrays. Learn about these amazing animals through programs, feeding sessions, and displays as you view them up-close and experience a family-fun activity.

Elizabethan Gardens
This 10.5-acre public garden contains over 500 different plant species. Throughout the year, you can see colorful flowers, displays, and landscaped grounds to explore. Connect with nature and see amazing sculptures, walkways, courtyards, and so much more during your vacation.

Arts & Museums

Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum
The Graveyard of the Atlantic is the nickname given to the waters where the treacherous currents, storms, and waves have resulted in over 2,000 shipwrecks. This museum has been dedicated to these wrecks and holds many artifacts and helps tell the history of these wrecks and how many have met their demise along the coast.

Frisco Native American Museum
Opening in 1987, this museum houses thousands of Native American artifacts from all over the country. The museum includes weapons, pottery, clothing, and more from different tribes of Native Americans as well as nature trails through the forest and over creeks and streams.

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