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Little Wekiva River - 8 Mile Downstream Paddle 2023 Schedule

Little Wekiva River - 8 Mile Downstream Paddle Schedule
2 Person Canoe
2 Person Kayak
Single Kayak
Stand Up Paddleboard
Date / Day Available Times Available Times Available Times Available Times
Mar 24
Mar 25
Mar 26
Mar 31
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2 Person Canoe:
Duration: 6 hours
Launch fee at the put in
2 Person Canoe Color Key
2 Person Canoe March Schedule 2 Person Canoe April Schedule 2 Person Canoe May Schedule 2 Person Canoe June Schedule 2 Person Canoe July Schedule 2 Person Canoe August Schedule 2 Person Canoe September Schedule 2 Person Canoe October Schedule 2 Person Canoe November Schedule 2 Person Canoe December Schedule
2 Person Kayak:
Duration: 6 hours
2 person kayak
Launch fee at the put in
2 Person Kayak Color Key
2 Person Kayak March Schedule 2 Person Kayak April Schedule 2 Person Kayak May Schedule 2 Person Kayak June Schedule 2 Person Kayak July Schedule 2 Person Kayak August Schedule 2 Person Kayak September Schedule 2 Person Kayak October Schedule 2 Person Kayak November Schedule 2 Person Kayak December Schedule
Single Kayak:
Duration: 6 hours
Single Kayak
Launch fee at the put in
Single Kayak Color Key
Single Kayak March Schedule Single Kayak April Schedule Single Kayak May Schedule Single Kayak June Schedule Single Kayak July Schedule Single Kayak August Schedule Single Kayak September Schedule Single Kayak October Schedule Single Kayak November Schedule Single Kayak December Schedule
Stand Up Paddleboard:
Duration: 6 hours
stand up paddleboard
Launch fee at the put in
Stand Up Paddleboard Color Key
Stand Up Paddleboard March Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard April Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard May Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard June Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard July Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard August Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard September Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard October Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard November Schedule Stand Up Paddleboard December Schedule
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