Orlando Ski Boat Experience - Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, and Tubing

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Orlando Ski Boat Experience - Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, and Tubing
Detail The experience lasts approximately 1 hour.
Detail The experience price also includes instructor fees and equipment.
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Orlando Ski Boat Experience - Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Tubing
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Experience Orlando in a unique and exciting way on the Orlando Ski Boat Experience through Bay Lake, while being pulled along on a water ski, wakeboard, or tube. Professional instructors take you through the waters of the Walt Disney World Resort. Choose from water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing, or make a combination out of the three, for an exhilarating trip around Bay Lake. The Ski Boat tours are appropriate for beginners and children, as well as for guests with more expertise in the sports, so they are the perfect option for a family vacation activity.

When you reserve the Orlando Ski Boat Experience, you have a private experience on the water for an hour. The boats can hold up to six guests, and are designed to fit all ages. Your professional instructor will help all ages and skill levels while on the trip. Get pulled around Bay Lake on a tube and bounce on the surface, strap on a pair of skis and learn to tackle the water, or choose a wakeboarding option and soar and flip through the skies as you try to keep your balance. The trips are perfect for beginners and experts, as guides adjust to the experience of each guest. While you're on the water, take in the sights of the lake, Disney World Resort, and the nature and wildlife for a trip that is both breathtaking and action-packed.

Crystal blue water sparkles on a calm, smooth surface in Bay Lake. That is, until you board your ski boat and take off for an adventurous tour through the waters. The surface erupts into ripples under your tube, and you can feel the vibrations as you are pulled along by the boat at high speeds. Bounce into the air and back down, and feel the crisp water splash into your face. Learn how to water ski from a knowledgeable guide and create a wall of water behind you as your skis skim across the surface. If you're a little more experienced on the water, strapping your feet to a wakeboard may be the option for you. Fly into the sky in a series of flips and turns, then crash back down, and try to keep your balance. For a true adventure on your Orlando vacation, a Ski Boat Experience through Bay Lake is the perfect opportunity.

With instructors designed to adapt to your level of ability and your age, this trip is perfect for a family vacation packed with excitement. Introduce the kids to a new experience, and learn some tricks for yourself. With beautiful sights surrounding you, this hour-long trip creates incredible memories none of you will forget.

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