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Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions
8441 International Dr Suite #250 Orlando, FL 32819

We are sorry, Museum of Illusions has no additional dates currently scheduled.

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Length of Visit:
Detail Most people spend 2-4 hours at the museum.
Detail Includes admission to all exhibits.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Detail Gift Shop On-site
Museum of Illusions
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Museum of IllusionsMuseum of IllusionsMuseum of IllusionsMuseum of Illusions

Step inside a brand new world of mindbending imagery at Orlando's newest exhibit, the Museum of Illusions! This unique educational attraction is the perfect combination of fun and art, allowing for visitors of all ages to test the limits of their mind and to revel in the weird, wacky, and wild parts of the world. 

The museum is a display that is sure to delight all ages. Whether you are an artist wanting to explore the craft of illusion-weaving or want to bring the kiddos along for a brainy afternoon, you and your loved ones are certain to have a great time wandering the exhibitions and intaking all of the astonishing images. Everything from holograms to optical illusions line the halls, enticing the mind and reminding guests that everything is not always as it seems. There are plenty of exhibits to spark the imagination, including:

  • Holograms:

    Often seen as something of Sci-Fi movies and fantasy, holograms are an astonishing way to marvel at the most intricate of illusions. These 3D images are found in countless places in our world, and this exhibit is the perfect way to explore how illusions have entered our daily lives. Here, explore the Museum of Illusions' collection of holograms that flicker in and out of existence and transform into breathtaking images before your very eyes.
  • Optical Illusions & Photo Illusions:

    The human mind is a marvelous thing that can easily be swayed even by images! With the Optical Illusions exhibit, you'll be able to lay your eyes upon some of the most popular optical illusions of all time. Challenging your perception of the world, each image is sure to bend your mind - and make you think outside of the normal realm of imagination. Photo Illusions are another remarkable phenomenon that trick your perception of the world around you.
  • Tricky Stick & The Ambiguous Cylinder:

    These classic illusions are sure to amaze! The Tricky Stick is made up of a horizontal plate with a curved cut-out. As it rotates, you'll be surprised as the stick actually goes through it, despite the human brain saying it is impossible. Likewise, the Ambiguous Cylinder allows visitors to look at an object through various opposite sides. Depending on which side you're on, the object will appear entirely different. It is a cool way to challenge your own assumptions! 
  • Turntables:

    This hands-on experience brings perhaps the most iconic optical illusion to life. Rotate the turntable and you will be entranced by a spiral of neverending circles. This is the classic image that we think of when being hypnotized, so it is a cool way to witness one of the most iconic illusions in history.  
  • Clone Table & Infinity Room:

    Get to know yourself a little better at the Clone Table, which bends the mind using mirrors - and 'clones' you as you sit down! It's a cool photo op, allowing visitors to see themselves replicated again and again. The Infinity Room is a similar concept, using mirrors to present an endless image of your 'clones'. Bring the camera! 
  • True Mirror:

    Prepare to have your mind blown by the True Mirror, which allows visitors to see how others see them. In mirrors, right and left are flipped, so we never really see ourselves as others see us. The True Mirror inverts this image, so you'll see what others see when they look at you! 
  • Rubin's Vase

    : As a historic optical illusion, Rubin's Vase has been a popular image since its conception in 1915 by Dutch psychologist Edgar Rubin. There are multiple faces hidden within the vase, creating quite an interesting exploration of imagery and the human mind! 

Plenty of other awe-inspiring exhibits await. Experience a lack of gravity and defy physics in the Anti-Gravity Room, feel as if you are traveling through a wormhole in the spinning Vortex Tunnel, take intriguing photos as you walk on walls in the Rotated Room, see what a pit of darkness really looks like in the Infinity Tunnel, and more! 

As well as exhibits, the museum is also home to the Smart Playroom, allowing for plenty of hands-on activities that all ages will delight in. Encouraging critical thinking skills and strategy, this cognitive collection focuses on planting the seeds of curiosity. You'll be able to play games, solve puzzles, complete brain teasers, solve mathematical games, and put yourself through a 'Brain Bootcamp' with these educational exercises. Perhaps one of the most popular aspects of this is the Dilemma Game Playroom, where you'll enjoy interacting with another player. If you are looking for a souvenir to take home and challenge yourself with, be sure to check out the Smart Shop. 

From Kaleidoscopes to the famed Beuchet Chair Illusion and the Ames Room, visitors of all ages are certain to leave the Museum of Illusions with a brand new appreciation - and outlook - of the world around them! Create memories and exercise the brain the next time you are in Orlando, FL. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Museum of Illusions:
  • Approximately how long could a customer plan to spend at Museum of Illusions?
    Guests spend approximately 2-4 hours at the exam, but can spend as much time as they'd like exploring.
  • What amenities are available?
    There is a gift shop on site.
  • Is photography & video recording allowed?
  • For what ages is Museum of Illusions appropriate?
    This museum is great for all ages!