Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida

Detail Most people spend 6-8 hours at attraction.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
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LEGOLAND Orlando Florida is no longer available.
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Visit the world's largest Legoland Park with over 150 acres of interactive rides, shows, and attractions!

Legoland Florida is within an hour of Orlando and Tampa and lies along the shores of Lake Eloise in Winter Haven. With more than 50 rides, shows, and attractions and restaurants, shopping, and a botanical garden you're sure to keep the whole family entertained! Legoland has 11 different zones including Miniland USA, Imagination Zone, and Lego City where guests can ride roller coasters and learn how to drive Lego cars and boats. Opening this year, the Legoland Hotel will feature 152 vibrantly colored room and themed rooms and suites that include Lego decorations, play areas, a pool, and a restaurant to help your stay be magnificent.

The Beginning
You'll begin your Legoland adventure by walking into the area known as The Beginning where you'll find ticket sales, guest services, and more.

Island in the Sky: This 150-foot rotation ride will give you a full 360-degree view of the theme park!

The Big Shop: Find any and all of your Lego needs like toy sets, apparel, and other souvenirs at this store.

Market Restaurant: This restaurant is located in The Beginning so you'll always know where to go when you need to refuel! Whether you need a coffee in the morning to get your day started or a hefty meal after a long day of fun, you'll have your option of plenty of different food and meal choices. There's even a Create A Shake station for a quick, sweet treat!

Fun Town
This area of the park is just as its name suggests − fun! This Lego 'village' will surround you with everything Lego.

Factory Tour: With this tour, you'll come up close and personal with just how those tiny, famous bricks are made.

The Grand Carousel: Two stories of carousel riding assures you and your family will find the exact animal they want to spin around on! Located in the heart of Fun Town, the carousel makes for a good meeting point as well because of its large size.

Wells Fargo 4D Theater: This 4D theater is sure to entertain you with one of three exciting shows! The shows include 'A Clutch Powers 4D Adventure,' 'Spellbreaker,' 'Lego Legends of Chima 4D Experience.' These shows feature Lego heroes of all kinds so take a seat in the large theater that seats 700 people and sit back and enjoy!

Granny's Apple Fries: Made from scratch at Legoland, Granny Smith apple fries are a guest favorite. Lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and served with a vanilla whipped cream dipping sauce, these fries are something you just won't want to miss on your trip to Legoland.

Fun Town Slushies: Cool off with this Fun Town favorite. Choose from a variety of flavors or combine your favorites for a treat personalized just for you!

Pizza and Pasta Buffet: Who doesn't like pizza? This all-you-can-eat buffet will serve as the perfect lunchtime meal! Or choose from a variety of pastas and salads. Afterwards, try a slice of the cinnamon dessert pizza!

Sunny's Ice Cream Shop: Pick your favorite flavor and top it with as many toppings as you want at Sunny's Ice Cream Shop. Your plethora of options lets you make an ice cream sundae as special as you!

Lego Studios: Who's your favorite television or movie character? Harry Potter, Spongebob, Darth Vader? Whoever it may be, you're sure to find your favorite character at the Lego Studios toy store!

Pick a Brick: Inside of the Factory Tour building, at Pick a Brick, you can customize your own unique Lego creation! With hundreds of different Lego accessories, let your imagination guide your creation.

Garden Shop: This shop includes plenty of seasonal offerings of building sets and other assortments you can't find just anywhere.

Minifigure Market: Here you'll find just about everything you could think of...miniaturized! If you can't find what you're looking for though, you can build it yourself!

Lego Friends Shop: A small shop dedicated to the girls, the Lego Friends Shop provides jewelry, plush animals, and building sets!

Miniland USA
The next stop on your adventure through Legoland is Miniland USA. Considered the heart of Legoland, this part of the park provides seven different wonderfully themed areas, all miniaturized and made to look exactly like the real thing for even better views some of Florida's most visited attractions!

Daytona International Speedway: Got a need for speed? This area of Miniland USA allows guests to race Lego brick cars!

Florida: This exhibit is comprised of everything between Mallory Square in Key West to Bok Tower in Central Florida.

Kennedy Space Center: You don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy this exhibit! Here, you'll get up close and personal with a Shuttle launch, astronauts in training, and Rocket Garden.

Pirate's Shores: Argghh mateys! This section is a pirate-themed, Lego adventure! You'll see two pirate ships battling it out in this part of Miniland USA.

California: Take a unique scenic picture with the Golden Gate Bridge! With this section, you'll see Pier 39, Greumann's Chinese Theater, and more.

New York: This intricate display of New York features the fountain in Rockefeller Plaza that even shoots water! Also included are Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, the Guggenheim Museum, the Bronx Zoo, and many more!

Washington, D.C.: Visit the nation's capital in Florida! This miniature version of Washington, D.C. boasts the U.S. Capitol Building, the Smithsonian, Washington and Jefferson monuments, and parts of Georgetown.

Las Vegas: Take a walk down the Las Vegas Strip where you'll see the Luxor Las Vegas, New York Hotel and Casino, Excalibur, Mirage, Treasure Island, Tropicana, MGM Grand, Venetian, Stratosphere tower, and two iconic structures of Paris Las Vegas: the balloon sign and the Eiffel Tower. You'll also see a miniature wedding chapel, monorails, and real-life sounds recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lego Star Wars: Check out seven of the most famous scenes from the famous movie Star Wars. Made out of 1.5 million Lego bricks, you'll be surrounded by all things Star Wars!

Duplo Valley
An area dedicated to the little ones, Duplo Valley includes a mini train, farm, tractor, splash and play, tot spot, and a snack bar.

Lego Kingdoms
Take the family back in time to the medieval times where they can see things like knights, dragons, and damsels in distress!

Royal Joust: Kids will enjoy a simulation of jousting on a horse!

Forestmen's Hideout: This multi-level tree and rope-climbing adventure will have the kids reeling

Dragon: This is an indoor/outdoor roller coaster where guests can take a ride featuring a comical view of the enchanted Lego castle

Merlin's Challenge: This is an exciting adventure where guests climb inside a wooden train ride guided by the magic of a wizard!

Land of Adventure
Explore tombs and hunt for treasures in this crazy land!

Coastersaurus: This wooden roller coaster that will spin you all round life-sized Lego dinosaurs

Safari Trek: This adventure is a safari exploration of Africa where you'll see life-like Lego animals

Beetle Bounce: This 15-foot tall brightly colored ride takes you up and down and has Lego beetles at the top

Lost Kingdom Adventure: This dark ride will lead you through Pharaoh's kingdom where you'll get your very own laser blaster to shoot at the Egyptian targets that appear

Pharaoh's Revenge: This outdoor attraction where you the kids can fire soft foam balls and traipse through the mazes of Pharaoh's kingdom

Lego City
This is the perfect place for those tiny adventure-seekers!

Rescue Academy: This activity is for families to compete against each other with fire and police vehicles.

Ford Jr. Driving School: This attraciton allows children aged 3-5 to drive the Ford course in miniature cars!

Ford Driving School: Thid driving is for those kids aged 6-13 to receive their Legoland driver's license!

Flying School: is a big steel coaster that will send thrills and chills through every rider

Boating School: Boating School will take guests aboard a ride where they can take control of their own small boat!

Imagination Zone
This zone will help your young ones to explore their imaginations and use them to their finest abilities. Here, guests will be able to see all kinds of incredible replicas.

Lego Mindstorms: Here, guests can build computerized Lego robots, a new cutting-edge form of creativity!

Build and Test: Build a Lego car and race it against a competitor or two to see if it needs any improvements!

Lego Hero Factory: This interactive area is based off of the popular line of Lego's, Hero Factory.

Kid Power Towers: Grab a partner, young or old, and lift yourselves up to the top of the tower for a one-of-a-kind view of the entire park.

WB Games Zone: If you're a gamer or have one in the family, you'll want to check out WB Games Zone. Here, guests can try out all of the latest Lego video games!

Lego Technic
There are all sorts of wonderful things to get into at Lego Technic. Don't miss the opportunity to ride a ride or play with Legos!

Aquazone Wave Racers: This carousel ride is unlike water! Guests will dodge water blasters as they ride through the waters.

Project X: If you're feeling brave, head to the Project X roller coaster. This coaster will stop and go uncontrollably and will send you on a wild ride.

Technicycle: With this ride, you'll be able to pedal yourself along into the air!

Pirates' Cove
Here is where you can witness Legoland's ski and stunt show, The Battle for Brickbeard's Bounty! You can also indulge in a juicy burger at Cap'n Brickbeard's Burgers.

Live Water Ski Show: These Lego pirates have taken over Pirate's Cove and are in to show you a good time! The pirates will entertain you with their shenanigans as you see all kinds of incredible stunts performed on the water!

Cypress Gardens
You won't want to miss this area of Legoland. Known for some pretty crazy plant formations, the gardens are sure to wow you with their beauty! These historic gardens have been preserved for over 75 years.

Botanical Gardens: The first tree planted in the beautiful Botanical Gardens was a Banyan tree in 1939 that has grown to an incredible height. These gardens have been restored to their origincal amazing condition and, as you walk through, you'll be able to see native plants like azaleas and camellias among many other gorgeous plants and flowers.

World of Chima
This area of the park is presented by Cartoon Network and features incredible family adventures!

The Quest for CHI: This interactive water ride will take riders along the waters that flow from Mount Cavora. Riders will spray waters guns and see amazing sights as their rides proceeds.

Speedorz Arena: People of all ages can compete to win a supply of CHI by racing their own Speedorz through all sorts of crazy obstacles! Bring a friend and challenge them to the Lego race of a lifetime!

Cragger's Swamp: Cool the kids off at Cragger's Swamp where they can blow bubbles, shoot and spray water, and splash around to their little hearts' desire!

Heartlake City
This bright and colorful land is for all ages and opens this year! Inside the city are Mia's Riding Adventure and interactive show, as well as new shops inside the Heartlake Mall.

Legoland Water Park
The water park at Legoland will only add to all of the fun you're having! With nine different water rides, you'll be able to cool off and have fun all at the same time.

Lego Wave Pool: For all ages, this pool is the perfect place to sit and relax in the cool waters. The constant, gentle waves will spill over you as you cool off.

Twin Chasers: Bring a friend and speed down a 375-foot enclosed water slide in a tube where you'll land in the pool below!

Splash Out: This water ride is for those looking for more thrill. You'll begin at the tallest point of the water park and descend down your choice of three different 60-foot slides and splash in the water below.

Joker Soaker: Bring the youngsters to this water playground where they'll find all sorts of slides and a large pool to wade in. If you sit in the pool long enough, you might just get caught under the spill of a 300-gallon bucket!

Build-a-Raft River: The whole family can enjoy themselves here while they think up their own Lego designs. Or, take off on a Lego vessel and sail around the 1000-foot-long lazy river where you'll see all kinds of incredible Lego inventions.

Duplo Splash Safari: The tikes can splash and play all day long in this safari!

Beach-n-Brick Grill: Getting hungry? Take the family to Beach-n-Brick Grill where you can choose from a wide variety of snacks and meals to feed your hunger!

With over 10 different Lego shops, you won't be going home empty-handed! There is a shop for every Lego need, no matter how big or small. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind Lego set, a Lego T-shirt, or a unique souvenir you're sure to find exactly what you need at one of the stores in Legoland.

With 15 different places to grab a snack or have a meal, you and your family will find just what you need to refuel. 

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