Private Shark Cage Diving on the Island of Oahu in Haleiwa, Hawaii

Private Shark Cage Diving on the Island of Oahu in Haleiwa, Hawaii

Detail Activity lasts approximately 2 hours.
Detail 1.5 hour boat ride, 1/2 hour in cage, snorkel gear provided.
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Private Shark Cage Diving
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Experiencing a Private Shark Cage Diving on the Island of Oahu in Haleiwa, Hawaii is nothing short of exhilarating. A shark is an animal that has not changed much in millions of years. An experience of being in your own private shark cage will put you right into the action. Closeup and personal contact with a shark is what you will find when you take on the courage to immerse yourself into the deep with one of the most powerful and ferocious creatures known to mankind.

The islands of Hawaii have long been known for there beauty and coastal appeal. Oahu is one of the Hawaiian islands that has gone largely unexploited. The sharks that are around the island are often very large. Inside a private shark cage you will experience this predator of the deep in a very close but safe way. The cage is an impenetrable barrier between you and the sharks. Sharks will be all around the cage interacting with you and the environment like no were else on the earth.

Private Shark Cage Diving can be a life changing. Courage and fear can be mastered by experiencing this fun activity. The chance of a lifetime to actually be feet from an animal that actually is larger then life when seen up-close can bring new appreciation for life. Life often can seem dull, but not with this amazing chance to see what others only wish they had seen. Sharks and humans seeing them in there natural environment can bring a new found respect for creatures unlike humans. This activity is great for everyone who wants to see these majestic creatures up close.

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