Niagara Brewing Company, Niagara Falls, ON

Niagara Brewing Company offers world-class award winning brews, and you can learn all about the process of which they're made on a free self-guided tour through the company. Niagara Brewing Co. has won so many awards that they are the most honored brewing facility in the area. No wonder, with their innovative process of all-natural methods. Preservatives and additives of any kind is strictly forbidden. So, they have indeed done everyone a favor. Once you get settled in at your Niagara Falls hotel, you'll want to be sure to make a trip here!

Produced here, are a line of exclusive beers and ales, and all of these span in numerous tastes and styles, from "fruit" beers with a hint of apple to the more stout beers.

The Eisbock is a favorite among beer connoisseurs, and is also quite legendary. It is a potent, German-style Brock beer, and the Niagara Falls area was the first in north America to brew an Eisbock. The process entails freezing the brew, and then the ice is removed. The end result is a brew of extra-strength and "complex character."

Other favorites include Olde Jack and the Apple Ale. Olde Jack is a bitter, strong beer, with tastes borrowed form the Belgian and British origin ales, while the Apple Ale is a apple-flavored brew (not a cider), and definitely worth a try if you're looking for something out-of-the-ordinary.

Next, there is the Saaz Pilsner and the Gritstone Premium, which are incredibly tasty and flavorful. And rounding out the lineup, there is the Premium Lager and Premium Lager light.

There seems to be a great deal of lament from beer connoisseurs about the discontinuation of the Maple Wheat, Brock's Extra Stout, and the Kriek. The Bar Towel, Toronto's Premiere Beer Resource argues that the beers replacing these three lack the "daring character one has come to expect from the Niagara brewing area." It is felt by many that some of the new beers lack the boldness of the ones created when Niagara brewing Co. opened in 1989.

The Maple Wheat Brew was "undoubtedly Canadian," a mixture of Canadian maple syrup and wheat from the canadian west. The Kriek, cancelled in 1997, along with the Maple Wheat was one of the few fruit beers of the time, and a rather bold experimentation with a light cherry taste and reddish color. Brock's Extra Stout was a very strong, bold beer that lived up to its name.

These changes came about when one of the founding brewers, Wally Moroz was going back to the wine industry, which was where he began. His replacement, Rick Neheli, elected to change many of the brews, since any brewer brings a unique part of himself to a brewery. Many feel he should not have discontinued the 3 brews, but others feel the ones replacing them are superior. This is one of the most popular Niagara Falls activities in the area.

You owe it to yourself to visit the Niagara Brewing Co. during your vacation and give the entire award-winning list a try. Here is a list of some with their ratings by top beer advocates:


  • Eisbock was rated overall best- 4 on a scale of 4.
  • Eisbock, was rated 2nd-highest at 3.97.
  • Niagara Apple Ale, was rated 3.91. As you would assume it is an apple-flavored brew in the "fruit and vegetable" category.
  • Eisbock rated 3.89.
  • Olde Jack Strong Ale, an English brew, came in at 3.7.
  • Gritstone Premium Ale, An American pale ale, rated 3.61.
  • Niagara Honey Brown, an American brown ale, rated 3.58.
  • Millstone Premium Lager, An American all-malt lager, rated 3.57.
  • Niagara Pale Ale, another American pale ale, rated 3.38.
  • Angel Inn Red, an American Amber-red ale, rated 3.5.
  • Angel Inn Lager, American all-malt lager, rated 3.25.
  • Angel Inn Bitter, English bitter, rated 3.12.
  • Kriek Ale, another one of the fruit and vegetable category beers was rated 2.73.
  • Peter's Best Bitter, English bitter, rated 2.15.
  • Millstone Premium Light Lager was not rated.

So, this might give you an idea of where to start when you visit this incredible brewing company, known for its "daring" beers. Judge them all for yourself!

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