Niagara Falls Sunset Horseback Riding

Niagara Falls Sunset Horseback Riding
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The Niagara Falls Sunset Horseback Riding activity is the most exciting thrill that is located in the heart of Canada. This is the best way to learn how to teach yourself how to horseback ride and also gain the chance to listen to an instructor. Niagara Falls is famous for its waterfall that gets a lot of tourists throughout the year. If you want to combine a trip that will introduce you to horseback riding and sightseeing, this tour is available for you to book at anytime.

Each tourists will love seeing all the horses that are trained properly to create the fun adventure that you have seen before. As your science book comes to life right before you, there will be a small lesson to learn prior to riding the horse. The key landmarks is the waterfall and the landscape around it along with the fish that you usually see on television. For this occasion, it is best that you wear nice comfortable clothing that gives you room to walk and run.

There is no food and drinks that are included with the tour, but you are welcome to bring your own drinks to keep you hydrated while your riding. It is best that you apply your safety gear to make sure that you will be the safest during the activity. As a tourist, there is a chance that you will see Lake Erie that is 45 minutes away from Niagara Falls.

This area is considered a natural art exhibit and best presented as the sun goes down. Along the way, you will also see ponds and other small bodies of water that you may have witnessed before on Animal Kingdom. It is recommended that you have your camera handy to take the most gorgeous pictures of the sun.

Niagara Falls is a great example of what nature can present to a tourist. The pureness of the valleys and waters makes this one of the most relaxing tours you will ever have booked. This is also a great place for you to become engaged and ride away with your new fiancée.

Experience the beautiful Niagara Region at sunset on this evening horseback-riding tour, which takes you along the quiet trails near Lake Erie just 45 minutes from Niagara Falls. You'll be enveloped in nature as you follow your guide on an easy horseback ride around the Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area. Bring your camera, because you'll be treated to a gorgeous sunset during your ride. The standard tour is perfect for groups; for a more intimate, romantic evening, book the private tour for two.

This evening horseback ride is one of the best ways to gain an intimate experience of the beautiful southern Niagara Region. Meet your guide in Wainfleet, Ontario, located 45 minutes southwest of Niagara Falls and 1.5 hours south of Toronto. After a safety introduction, strap on your provided safety gear and hop on your horse. It's time to hit the trails!

Your guide will take you along the quiet trails around the Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area, a former clay and limestone quarry home to large quarry ponds, woodlots and meadows full of wildlife, as well as along Lake Erie. Watch for deer emerging from the woods and grazing through the peaceful fields, and have your camera ready as you admire a gorgeous sunset across the still waters.

Private Tour
Enjoy a quiet, romantic evening with your loved one on this private trail ride, suitable for those who want a more personalized riding experience. Your guide will adjust your ride to your specific requests.

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