MarineLand Theme Park

MarineLand Theme Park


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However, there are still plenty of things to do. See top rated activities below.

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Detail Most people spend 3 to 4 hours at the park.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Detail Restaurant and Gift Shop On-site
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With numerous rides, a variety of wildlife from both land and sea, and shows filled with action-packed excitement, it's no wonder the MarineLand theme park is a hit with visitors from all over the world. Whether it's riding on the world's biggest steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain, or enjoying a show filled with fun-loving dolphins and intelligent whales, you're sure to have the time of your life at MarineLand. Having been in business for more than 50 years, this park has something for every member of the family on your next vacation!

Attractions and Shows:

  • Educational Presentation - Located at the King Waldorf Stadium, this amazing presentation lets you see the efforts that MarineLand is doing to protect these animals through education, research, and conservation. The show is designed to inspire both kids and adults to be concerned about the marine life around the world.
  • Arctic Cove - Enjoy feeding and touching Beluga Whales for a unique experience. This area also has underwater viewing areas to see these majestic creatures in their own habitat. This activity is available from July-August 11-3 & 4-6. May, June, and September to Mid-October 12-2 & 3-5.
  • Friendship Cove - Meet Kiska, the friendly beluga whale where you can see her above and below the surface.
  • Land Animals - Not only is this amazing park home to marine life, there are also exhibits with land animals including bison, deer, elk, and North American black bears.
  • Polar Splash - A 2-acre splash park where you can stay cool during the summer months! With 150 themed sprayers and 10 kid-friendly water slides to enjoy. The area is surrounded with an amazing environment of a grotto, icebergs, and statues of animals to enjoy!

After viewing all of the animals and fun educational shows available at MarineLand, enjoy time with the whole family with the fun rides available to make this adventure unforgettable.


  • Ocean Odyssey - A fun octopus ride that takes you up, down, and around in circles. (Minimum height is 36')
  • Bumble Bee - Ride around the honeycomb in your very own bee. (Minimum height is 36')
  • Orca Screamer - Kid-friendly drop tower that takes you up to the top of the tower and releases you for a friendly, yet thrilling ride. (Minimum height 36'. Maximum height 74')
  • Viking Adventure - Ride inside a viking boat as you swing back and forth. (Minimum height is 36')
  • Tivoli Wheel - A new strange take on the ferris wheel. (No height requirement)
  • Lady Bug Coaster - A lady bug themed roller coaster for the younger kids. (Minimum height is 40' unless accompanied by an adult.)
  • Space Avenger - Ride around a spaceship as you take to the skies in your very own robotic vehicle. (Minimum height is 28')
  • Boat Carousel - Carousel ride that lets you cruise the water in your very own boat! (Minimum heigh is 28')
  • Sky Screamer - Sitting at 450 feet, it is the world's highest triple tower ride. You can see the beautiful Niagara scenery before flying back down at 60mph. (Minimum height is 48')
  • Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster - The dragon coaster stretches over 30 acres of land and is the worlds largest steel coaster. With over 1,100 feet of tunnels, you will have a blast on this ride! (Minimum height is 48')
  • Kandu's Twister - Gondola-style teacup ride with killer whales painted on the side of each cup. (Minimum height is 40')
  • Magic Experience - Spinning ride that takes you through a variety of motions all at once. (Minimum height is 46')
  • Sky Hawk - Ride in your own bucket as you spin around higher and higher up the tower before slowly returning back down. (Minimum height is 32')
  • Wave Swinger - A swinging carousel ride. (Minimum height is 42')
  • Flying Dragon - Ride on a dragon to swin back and forth before you momentum takes you all the way around! (Minimum height is 52')
  • Hurricane Cove - Ride in small boats for a fast-paced gondola-styled ride. (Minimum height is 42')

With so many great things to do and see in the Niagara Falls area, your entire family is sure to have a fun-filled family vacation visiting the MarineLand Theme Park.  

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" I have gone several times."
I love marineland, i have gone several times.
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Penny Lane Spoonhower
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" We will definitely plan another trip there."
Great place to take your children. Our kids loved it. We will definitely plan another trip there.
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Marc Bourbeau
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"Very enjoyable"
Very enjoyable day for the hole family.
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Dawn Heaton
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"The park was great!"
The park was great!
Frequently Asked Questions for MarineLand Theme Park:
  • Are wheelchairs and strollers available at MarineLand Theme Park?
    Single and double wheelchairs as well as push-style wheelchairs are available to rent for a small fee.
  • What on-site amenities are available?
    Food, ATM, gift shop, and arcade are available.
  • What style of dress is recommended?
    Family friendly and comfortable.
  • Is parking available on-site?
    Free parking is available.
  • Are lockers available at MarineLand Theme Park?
    Yes. There is a rental fee.