Guided Kayaking Tour on Niagara River from the Us Side

Guided Kayaking Tour on Niagara River from the Us Side
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The guided kayaking tour on Niagara Falls is possibly one of the best ways to see the falls. By being on the water and really interacting with nature there you really get a full sense of the experience of Niagara Falls instead of just a glimpse that you would otherwise get. The guided tour is great for those that don’t have much experience on the water as well because you have a tour guide with you the entire time so it completely safe no matter what your skill level is. With the kayaking the guides do take you on a smooth ride so children are welcome to come as well and it can be a great family event that one can do with their children and make memories that will last a lifetime. So overall the guided tour is great for anyone who wants to see something different, and get out in nature for a couple of hours to get the full experience.

When it comes to booking the trip it is a good idea to start looking a few months ahead and plan to book at least a month in advance so that you know you have the tickets and are not going to have to worry about missing out on the wonderful adventure due to them selling out before you get there. The tour is popular which is why they suggest you book it ahead so that you are not disappointed. When it comes to price it is very affordable so that anyone can afford to go on the tour while visiting Niagara Falls.

While visiting the amazing Niagara Falls, take some time to see the beautiful surrounding areas on a kayak tour along the Niagara River. On this 2.5-hour kayaking tour from the American side, your professional guide will lead you along the river, where you'll see numerous scenic sights. Kayak along Grand Island, Strawberry Island and Motor Island, pass the famous River Lea Farmhouse and continue through a wildlife habitat teeming with osprey, eagles, cranes, mink, beavers and more. And don't worry -- you will not be kayaking over the falls!

Soak in the natural beauty of the Niagara Falls area on this fully guided 2.5-hour kayaking tour from the American side. Your tour departs from Grand Island, New York, where you will be surrounded entirely by the impressive Niagara River. The river splits into two parts at the south end of the island and rejoins at the northwest end, before flowing west to Niagara Falls.

Hop in your single or tandem kayak and let your guide lead you along a moderately easy route that will include many picturesque sights. Paddle past the famous River Lea Farmhouse, an 1849 Victorian farmhouse once owned by President Grover Cleveland's uncle, who hired Cleveland to work on the farm -- the future president's first job.

Continue on to Motor Island, designated as a New York state wildlife habitat. Keep your camera close because here you are likely to spot the spectacular great black cormorants, black birds with gracefully long wingspans, in nests perched in the tops of trees.

From there, head to Strawberry Island to explore a small, tranquil lagoon. Many birds live in this area, including terns, gulls, and cormorants, making for world-class bird watching. The canal along the island is actually a lagoon that separates Little Beaver Island from Beaver Island State Park. As you kayak along the river, admire the lagoon laced with lily pads and coves filled with exotic greenery.

Your tour includes a light snack, water and all the necessary equipment.

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