Victorian Gardens in Central Park in New York City, NY

Victorian Gardens is one of few amusement parks within the New York metropolitan area. This small but well-designed park opened in 2003. It occupies the Wollman ice skating rink every summer in Central Park.

The park hosts 12 rides. Among them are:

  • The Aeromax, where kids and adults fly in pint-sized airplanes
  • The Kite Flyer, which imitates hang gliding
  • The Convoy, which is an auto-style train ride
  • The Red Baron, where riders pilot imitation antique airplanes
  • Mini Mouse, a roller coaster for young kids (parents welcome)
  • The Jump Around, a bouncy ride especially appealing to children
  • Samba Balloon, where children pilot their own hot air balloons

Of particular interest to teenagers and adults are:

  • The Fun Slide, a three-story-tall slide
  • Family Swinger, a classic swing ride
  • Rocking’ Tug, a traditional carnival swinging boat ride
  • The Hydro Racer, a fast-paced water ride

Classic carnival games at Victorian Gardens include Whac A Mole, in which players can compete to hit the most moles with their mallets, and Rising Water, a water gun game.

One of the unique and special things about Victorian Gardens is that even though it is a small park and the rides are compact, all of the attractions accommodate both adults and children. However, the majority of the rides are designed for children between the ages of 2 and 12. The amusement park is a controlled environment and is designed to allow parents to relax while they monitor their children.

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