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Greenwich Village in New York City, NY

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8/29/2015 - 12/15/2015
The New York See It All Tour is exactly what it sounds like: an all-encompassing guided tour of New York City.
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8/28/2015 - 12/15/2015
Experience everything New York City has to offer on the NY See It All Premium Tour.
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8/28/2015 - 3/26/2016
Be a part of all that New York City has to offer when you take the New York, New York Sightseeing Tour which includes top highlights of the Big Apple.
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New York Water Taxi's 1-Day Hop-On/Hop-Off Pass Photo
8/28/2015 - 12/31/2015
With the New York Water Taxi, you can enjoy a One Day Hop-On/Hop-Off Pass that will allow unlimited use throughout the duration of your pass, with the taxi serving nine popular areas of New York City.
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Quite possibly the most famous area in all of New York City, Greenwich Village has long been noted for its unique and often eccentric atmosphere.

Located in downtown Manhattan, this charming neighborhood is contained by Broadway and the Hudson River. Interestingly enough, Greenwich Village's street layout does not conform to the usual grid structure of the rest of the city. This unique street layout further helps to exemplify the individual feel of this area.

Since its beginning days, Greenwich Village has attracted a host of artists, performers and various others who walk the unbeaten path. From the soothing sounds of Paul Simon to the edgy comedy styling of Richard Pryor, Greenwich Village has helped launched the careers of an endless variety of performers, and to this day maintains its appeal for those looking to experience something a little different in New York City.


Greenwich Village
13 Carmine St
14th Street and West of Broadway
New York , NY 10014
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