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City College in New York City, NY

City College offers courses in almost every field, from engineering to education, and from sciences to the liberal arts.

The college has been an expanding college from the 1870s on. The original home of City College was the Free Academy building, located at 23rd Street and Lexington Avenue. The building was becoming overcrowded and began falling apart. Two adjacent annex buildings were not enough to hold in all of the students. Also, the population in Manhattan began moving to the north side of the campus from the south.

In 1895, the NY State legislature finally authorized City College to acquire land for their new campus. The college did not break ground, however, until 1903. By 1907, all of the buildings were occupied.

Now, new buildings have been constructed within the last decade, including The Towers residence hall. The former Cohen Library building has been transformed into the School of Architecture, Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. The campus is now accessible by 138th Street, a walkway leading onto the campus. The gymnasium in Shepard Hall was recently refurbished, as well, and Baskerville Hall now is the home of the High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering.

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