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Seasonal Weather and Packing Advice for New York City

The New York area experiences cold winters and very hot summers. If visiting during the summer months, make sure you bring very light clothing and that your hotel has air conditioning. In the winter months, bring a warm jacket and boots.

Spring - In March, the average temperatures range from the low thirties to the mid forties, April sees temperatures in the mid forties to low sixties, and May temperatures range from the mid fifties to low seventies. At this time of year, you'll want to bring a light jacket or warm sweater for the cooler climate.

Summer - Summer sees temperatures range from the low seventies to the low nineties. The weather can be very warm and humid with temperatures sometimes reaching to the upper nineties. Bring short sleeves and sunscreen to help with the summertime sun.

Fall - September and October temperatures average in the sixties and seventies and drop to the fifties come November. A light jacket or warm sweater should be brought if traveling at this time of year.

Winter - The winter months are mildly cold with average temperatures in the forties and fifties, though with the wind chill, the weather may feel colder. At this time of year you'll want to bring sweaters, a coat, hat and gloves.

Packing Advice

Here are some packing tips that will help you fit more into that suitcase, regardless of what season you're traveling in:

  • Plan Your Packing:  Anything you forget to pack, you'll have to buy. It is wise to make a list of everything you need to take with you and refer to it as you pack. This will ensure that nothing will be overlooked (and anything that is, is a good excuse to go shopping).
  • Packing For Comfort:  Products that will help you withstand the humidity, as well as, sunscreen, are a must. Natural fibers like cotton or silk and light colors are good choices for hot days. To avoid aching feet, pack a pair of familiar walking shoes. Make sure to pack jackets and sweaters for chilly nights.
  • Packing For Weather:  Always check the forecast before leaving to ensure that you are properly prepared for any weather changes.
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