West Harlem Walking Tour

West Harlem Walking Tour

Detail Though length of time varies by tour, most walking tours are approximately 2 hours long
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
West Harlem Walking Tour, street
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Take a tour of this amazing and historic neighborhood within the northern section of Manhattan. You'll get to see all sorts of historical buildings, sights, and culture of this great area.

Harlem came to its current rendition during the Great Migration around 1905. A large amount of black citizens came to the city from rural areas of the country looking for work and opportunity. Since, the area has seen witness of the 'Harlem Renaissance,' an outpouring of artistic work without president in the American black community, and the area is considered a treasure trove of black American history and culture.

So come take a look at a wonderful place full of history and excitement with the West Harlem Walking Tour. You'll be sure to have a vacation you aren't sure to forget. 

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