The Brooklyn Tour

The Brooklyn Tour

Detail Guided Tour Takes Approximately 5 Hours
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
The Brooklyn Tour, Brooklyn bridge
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Experience the captivating city of Brooklyn when you visit famous neighborhoods and landmarks on the Brooklyn Tour.

Drive through various neighborhoods, where notable people used to call home. On this five-hour tour, hop on a motor coach and let your guide inform you on the wonders of the city. Cost of meals, beverages, and gratuities are not included, but stops at Park Slope and Coney Island will be made for coffee and meals. The Brooklyn Tour takes you on a journey through the engrossing city, full of life and culture. 

Detailed Tour Itinerary
 Drive By 
 Drive By  Brooklyn Heights
Start the tour with a visit to Brooklyn Heights, nestled in ivy-covered brownstones and tree-lined streets. This area was once home to famous writers like Norman Mailer, Arthur Miller, and Tennessee Williams. The neighborhood's picturesque rowhouses and mansions display a variety of architectural styles, from Federal-style to Greek and Gothic Revivals.
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Park Slope
Stop for some of the best coffee in Park Slope, Brooklyn's trendiest neighborhood, whose elegant brownstones and limestones are unmatched by any in New York City. Park Slope's historic buildings, famed restaurants, and proximity to Brooklyn attractions have made it one of the city's most desirable neighborhoods. The American Planning Association has named it one of the "Greatest Neighborhoods in America," due to its unique and incredible architecture, diverse mix of residents, and preserved historical features.
 Drive By 
 Drive By  Atlantic Avenue
Learn about the lively Middle Eastern section on Atlantic Avenue, which is one of the most important streets and historic and cultural destination spots in Brooklyn. It boasts various types of cultural cuisine, family-run businesses, antique shops, art galleries, and boutiques. Many of the buildings along Atlantic Avenue and in surrounding neighborhoods are the architectural heritage of this prosperous era.
 Drive By 
 Drive By  Borough Park
Borough Park is home to one of the largest Orthodox Jewish communities outside of Israel, with one of the largest concentrations of Jews in the United States, and Orthodox traditions rivaling many insular communities. It is an economically diverse area, with rich, working class and poor people living side-by-side and going to the same schools and synagogues.
 Drive By 
 Drive By  Crown Heights
The population in vivid Crown Heights is mostly of Caribbean descent, and the neighborhood reflects the culture in colorful events, such as the West Indian Carnival Parade. The area was originally known as Crow Hill and was a series of hills, but when Crown Street cut through the area in 1916, the name was changed to Crown Heights.
 Drive By 
 Drive By  Sheepshead Bay
Drive through predominantly Italian-American Sheepshead Bay, known for its fishing port and casino boats. Sheepshead was named for the edible fish that was once often found in the bay's water, the sheepshead. The fish is rare but can still be caught occasionally in the waters.
 Drive By 
 Drive By  Brighton Beach
Visit the Russian enclave of Brighton Beach, nicknamed "Little Odessa" for its high population of Odessa, Ukraine residents. Though Brighton Beach is looked at as a hot spot for the Russian Mafia, public perception has believed that the crime has, for the most part, gone away. Notorious mafia groups included the Potato Bag Gang.
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Coney Island
Six miles of boardwalk are the home to Coney Island, where you will make your next stop. Enjoy the ocean breezes as you munch on one of Nathan's famous hot dogs. Ride some of the thrilling coasters, play a game of skeeball, and soar into the sky on the Ferris wheel. Coney Island is home to great entertainment, and your guide will inform you about its fascinating history.
 Tour Stop at 
 Tour Stop at  Williamsburg
End your visit of Brooklyn by discovering artsy Williamsburg, a once industrial landscape transformed into a thriving art community, before heading back to Manhattan. As a primarily art-based community, many of the buildings in the Williamsgburg area have been transformed into art studios and galleries.
Stops may change due to traffic, weather, maintenance, etc.

The tour allows you to see some of Brooklyn's finest sights along the way, such as the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Brooklyn College, and Prospect Park. The city is rich with culture and celebrities have called it home throughout the years, including Barbara Streisand, Woody Allen, and Jerry Seinfeld. Explore the city's rich diversity as you drive through its many neighborhoods, see the landmarks, and experience the city at its finest.

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