Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Walking Tour

Detail The tour lasts approximately 2 hours.
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Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Walking Tour
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Through the winding, twisted streets of Greenwich Village, this Edgar Allen Poe Greenwich Village Walking Tour will lead you through the sights and sounds of this New York Village!

Named after the Father of American Poetry, this tour will explore the origins of the neighborhood that became the incubator for the art movements in the United States, from American literature and theater to stand-up comedy and classic rock. Throughout the years, the quirkiness of the Village has drawn legendary artists, writers, and musicians to its charmed streets for generations, from Edgar Allen Poe to Bob Dylan to the present and future icons who will visit this creative place. The energy is infectious as you stroll the bustling environs of Washington Square Park and New York University, view the haunts and hideaways where the likes of Dylan Thomas, Jimi Hendrix, and Lenny Bruce plied their craft, and savor stores of how the Beat Generation sprang forth and flourished in the Village.

During the 1960s folk music scene, artists like Barbra Streisand, Simon & Garfunkel, Joan Baez, The Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, and Nina Simone all began their careers in the local nightclubs, theaters, and coffeehouses of Greenwich Village. For well over a century, the Village has nurtured struggling artists, writers, and musicians, but these days, no penniless artists could afford to live in the beautiful brownstones along the tree-lined street. However, when you look carefully, you can still see traces of the old 'Bohemia.'

From Bleecker Street to MacDougal Street to Sheridan Square, this tour will uncover some of New York's rarest sights, including the smallest piece of property in the city, and the strange-but-true anecdotes attached to them. This is as rich a literary, cultural, and artistic journey as you'll ever experience!

Tour Highlights

  • Washington State Park
  • Washington Arch
  • New York University
  • Home of Edgar Allen Poe
  • Music Clubs of Bleecker Street
  • Cafe Wha? on MacDougal Street
  • Sheridan Square
  • House where American revolutionary Thomas Paine died
  • Stonewall Inn
  • Site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory disaster
  • And More!

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