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Southern Food & Beverage Museum in New Orleans, LA

1504 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd New Orleans, LA 701123
SoFAB (Southern Food & Beverages Museum) is located in Los Angeles, New Orleans.

This non-profit organization focuses on understanding its customers, discoveries, and celebration of its products and services. Dedicated to being a symbol of the southern food, SoFAB brings new menus for food and drinks to its customers. The museum carefully analyzes and celebrates the southern cultures that have united over the centuries to create a unique culinary heritage.


Interestingly, Southern Food & beverages Museum hosts lectures, special exhibits, tastings and demonstrations that represent the southern drinks and food from the south. It has a comfy and unique space that reminds all the visitors of their traditional mother's kitchen upcountry. Additionally, it organizes an exhibition of individual states in the south, including the Galerie d'Absinthe, a top class demonstration kitchen.

Furthermore, there is an exhibition of the grand American Cocktail museum. There is also a historic restaurant featuring 1850's bar that you can enjoy a bite or sip your favorite drink on the Sazerac! Do you need to learn about the gumbo, crawfish, beignets and the story of the Po-boy? Visit this amazing place and learn more than just what you are eating and the history of how it came to exist.

If you love historical tours, tasting and cooking demos, Southern Food & Beverages Museum in New Orleans, LA is the place to be. Adults are charged only $10.5 per person while military personnel, students, and older adults above 60 years only pay $5.25 per individual. Children accompanied by an adult are allowed to enter for free. Visit this amazing place and have an experience of a lifetime.

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