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Pontchartrain Park in New Orleans, LA

5701 Press Dr. New Orleans, LA 70126
Pontchartrain Park is an excellent spot to spend a day outside, enjoying the fresh air, in'>New Orleans. Pontchartrain Park is home to several local festivals and concerts throughout the year. The park is located in the neighborhood of Gentilly. Admission is free for everyone.


Pontchartrain Park offers on-site parking. The park is home to outdoor basketball courts, baseball fields, and tennis courts. These areas are open to the public and a free to use. It's a popular location for family events and barbecues. There's also a playground to keep small children occupied. The park area is clean and well-maintained.

The park was created after World War II, during the time of racial segregation. Originally, the area was designed to be suburban housing for African Americans only. At some point, it housed important public figures such as Barack Obama, Wendell Pierce, and Terrence Blanchard. In 2005, the park flooded during Hurricane Katrina which caused slight damages.

Spending time outside, enjoying the weather, is a fantastic way to spend the day in New Orleans. Pontchartrain Park offers everything needed to fill a day with fun activities. There are plenty of local places to eat and many sights to see while in the area. The park is located close to the airport, super-dome, convention center, and French Quarter. Each one of these locations offers something unique to see and do while visiting New Orleans.

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