Mandeville Lions Club near New Orleans, LA

720 Lafitte St Mandeville , LA 70448
You can plan a nice dinner or a celebration at the Mandeville Lions Club.

In most cases, there are members who find that there is fun and adventure with meeting other people. You will meet different people from the city of New Orleans. You may be in a situation where you will meet people from a different city. Therefore, if you love to golf and play tennis, this may be a place for you to visit.

It's cool to note that this place has rooms where you can set up your own shows. If you are starting a local company, you should rent this facility to announce your progress to your local town. For that reason, you should speak to customer support to see what you need to do to rent this building. You can also stop by Forever New Orleans to purchase a souvenir.

There are historical sites that you should visit. If you would like to book at tour to see the Pitot House, you can make those arrangements online. You will find out that there is art and vintage furniture in this house. The architecture dates back to 1790. You can stop by and take pictures while following a tour guide. The tour guide can explain more about how the house is considered a historical site in New Orleans.

In closing, if you want to have fun in New Orleans, you can find a hotel downtown and travel to this club. Your family will enjoy seeing the different art exhibits. If you are there during a parade, you can film everything that you want to see later by using your iPhone. In the end, you will be excited to see what the club is all about. You will also have the best souvenirs and memories from New Orleans.

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