Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans, LA

713 St Louis St. New Orleans, LA 70130
Antoine's restaurant is a wonderful place on your">vacation to New Orleans. With such a glamorous place to dine with friends and family. It is a restaurant that specializes in different kinds of unique seafood dishes, from crabmeat dishes to different kinds of oyster plates, it is sure to satisfy any seafood lover. Antoine's restaurant originally opened up in 1840 in New Orleans, LA, founded by the Frenchman, Antoine Alciatore. Since its opening in 1840, the Antoine restaurant has continued its success with different ancestors of Antoine Alciatore taking ownership of the restaurant.


What makes Antoine's so interesting as well as a enjoyment to dine at is the history of the restaurant and the quality of its dishes. It is an attraction because of its decor inside the restaurant, providing a romantic french dining experience. It is also known for hosting weddings and private parties because of how popular and historical the restaurant has become.

After Antonine opened the restaurant, his son, Jules, would eventually take over the restaurant, creating the famous oyster dish, Oyster Rockefeller. This dish is one of the most popular at the restaurant and is also a secret family recipe. Roy Alciatore, the son of Jules, would also provide and keep some of the history of the restaurant by keeping a 17th century french cookbook that is part of the restaurant as well as preserving the "1840 room," which is a private room that contains the great silver duck press.

For anyone visiting or living around New Orleans, LA should visit the historical Antonine restaurant. It boasts of rich, delicious seafood. It also contains rich history, giving reason for anyone to visit. Enjoy many other restaurants and fun activities in the area when you book your New Orleans family vacation.

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