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Garden District Walking Tour
Couple on the Garden District Walking Tour

There are many amazing places to choose to visit on a vacation and every one of them are not the same. They all have their own beauty and attraction. Florida is a state located in the southeast of the United States of America. Sit back and relax as we show you why you should choose Florida for your next vacation.

Florida is one of the most visited cities in America especially because it has many attractions. Many cities are quite popular for tourists to visit, but Orlando is the most popular. The reason for this is its position is the center for fishing, wildlife, surfing, golf, foods to enjoy, and hotels plus resorts. Additionally, where it is located provides easy travel to Mexico, the Golf, and the Atlantic. Florida has many attractions, such as, hundreds of beautiful beaches, many theme parks, and resorts. Disney World, Disney animal parks, theme parks, and other amusement parks are also highly popular and where many families come to visit. Another great reason many go to visit Florida is because of the great weather it has.

It is also has historical and cultural museums and gardens full of art. The John and Ringling garden and museum of art is one of the historical attractions. To keep their history and legacy, John and Ringling made a incredible mansion, which includes the museum, and a beautiful garden filled with art on the front of the museum. Since Florida and it's residents are so used to tourists from all over the world, they have places perfect for tourists, but also are pet-friendly since many of the activities and places to visit are outdoor.

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