Nashville Weather Information


is well known for its humid weather, but if you pick the right time of year to visit you will find a season to suit just about any climactic persuasion.


Summer in Nashville


  • As far as humidity, the summer months are by far the most intense, when temperatures can top out in the 90s or above and the dampness ratchets up the heat index even further. No doubt about it, July and August can be pretty uncomfortable outside of air-conditioned environments, with lows typically in the upper 60s. You'll want to pack plenty of light and comfortable clothing to keep cool. The summer months also see moderate rainfall, so rain gear is a safe bet.


Fall in Nashville


  • If veteran visitors to Nashville had to pick the best month to visit, they'd likely pick October. The fall months have the most pleasant weather overall, with mild temperatures averaging between 50 degrees and 75 degrees and the lowest humidity levels of the year. The autumn foliage is also a must to see.


Spring in Nashville


  • The spring season is also quite pleasant, often with warm days and cool nights. Average temperatures range between 40 degrees and 70 degrees. Spring is also the most rainy season, so be prepared.

  • Both the fall and spring months bring the potential for beautiful weather, but the climate during these two seasons is often unpredictable. Bring a variety of clothing when traveling to Nashville during these times. Remember that heavy rains can hit any time of year, so bring an umbrella and raincoat just in case.


Winter in Nashville


  • Although Nashville's winters aren't too frigid, they are often rainy, and that makes it feel colder than the thermometer shows. Daily temperatures average between 30 degrees and 50 degrees, and snow is something seen only two or three times a year. Nevertheless, it can get chilly and you'll want to pack for that with warm, layered clothing. But also bring at least one warmer-weather outfit for the occasional day of rebound warmth.


Average monthly precipitation in Nashville is about 4.5 inches in spring, 4 inches in summer, 3.5 inches in the fall and 4 inches in winter. Most of that comes in the form of rain, with occasional light snow in the colder months. For current Nashville weather, check out our Nashville weather page. 

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