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Nashville, TN Weather Information & Packing Tips

Although a must-see for every traveler, weather can be a bit unpredictable. However, with a little advanced planning, you should have no trouble outsmarting Mother Nature! 




  • In the summer, the temperatures hover in the high 70s—but don't let that fool you. This area is known for its year-round humidity, and if you're used to a cooler climate, it may take some adjustment. 

  • While you will obviously want shorts and short sleeves, it's a good idea to pack one or two jackets and long pants. The temperature can vary greatly, particularly in early summer, and the nights can quickly become quite chilly.




  • Autumn is typically on of the most pleasant season in terms of weather. The best time to visit is October or November when summer's humidity has tapered off, the sun is still out, and the sharp winter winds haven't begun to pick up.

  • Of course, fall foliage abounds in Nashville, so this is an ideal time for sightseeing inside and outside the city limits of Nashville!




  • For winter excursions, your concern is more with the cold moisture in the air than the temperature itself, which averages 30-40 degrees F, but can drop as low as -10 degrees F during extreme winter weather.

  • Snowfall is usually minimal, so while you should always check the weather forecast before you leave, heavy-duty boots are probably not necessary. 

  • When packing, don't forget:

    • A heavy scarf to cover your face and neck.

    • Earmuffs and/or a hat that covers your ears.

    • Warm gloves or mittens.

    • Thick socks.




  • Plan for rain if you're traveling to Music City in the springtime! Nashville averages 47 inches per year, with a significant amount of that falling during the warm spring months. Far from being dreary and muddy, the spring rain breathes new life into the area and offers a cool, if somewhat damp, environment. 

  • Bring an umbrella, wear sensible shoes that won't soak up puddles, and bring along small ponchos that are easy to carry if you'll be outdoors. By doing so, you'll be well prepared for a terrific spring vacation. 


No matter when you decide to pay Nashville a visit, planning ahead can help you to take any weather situation in stride! For current weather conditions in Nashville, check out our Nashville weather page.

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