Jeannie Seely At Grand Ole Opry

Jeannie Seely At Grand Ole Opry
Jeannie Seely's love for the Grand Ole Opry began when she was a young girl. At age four, she was known to turn the radio to 650 WSM to listen to the Opry performers. Not much has changed since then, she's still tuning in, only now she's a beloved member. 
Seely's musical influence came from her parents. Her father played the banjo at local square dances and her mother taught her to sing while they baked in the kitchen. So in 1961 at age 21, she packed up and moved to California to pursue a singing career. She started working for Four Star Records as songwriter. She also became a regular on the Hollywood Jamboree. Songwriter, Hank Cochran, was impressed with Seely and advised her to move to Nashville for country music. In 1965, she took the advice and relocated to the country music capital. 
1966 and 1967 were great years for Seely. She was offered a contract with Monument Records where she recorded “Don't Touch Me,” which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Country charts for 3 weeks. That June, Seely was invited to debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage. She won Billboard's, Cashbox's, and Record World's “Most Promising Female Artist Award.” In 1967, she won the Grammy Award for 'Best Female Country Vocal Performance” and became the third female country singer to win the award. She released The Seely Style featuring her hit single “Don't Touch Me.” Finally, her lifelong dream came true September 16, 1967, when she was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.
Seely's most famous hits include “I'll Love You More (Than You Need),” “Can I Sleep in Your Arms,” and “Lucky Ladies.” She published a book of her witticisms in 1989 called Pieces of a Puzzled Mind. She resides in Nashville and continues to perform at the Grand Ole Opry at every chance she gets. 
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