Imax Theatre Myrtle Beach

Imax Theatre Myrtle Beach has closed and is no longer available.

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Imax Theatre Myrtle Beach
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When your family needs a break from the beach on your trip to Myrtle Beach, treat them to a movie experience unlike any other with a thrilling 3D movie experience at the Imax Theater.

You will watch on an enormous Imax screen as the images leap to life before you eyes, giving you a memorable experience that is only enhanced by premium sound quality. There is a movie to suit everyone's taste playing at the Imax Theatre, featuring deep sea adventure flicks, dinosaur and other prehistoric adventures, natural phenomena, and so much more. Before or after your movie, be sure to stop by the famous Imax Store to pick up some great mementos and souvenirs of  your time at the theater, or a gift for the folks back home.

Since many of the films playing at the Imax Theatre are of an educational nature, a movie at the Imax Theatre is a great way to work in a learning experience to go along with what will probably be one of the most thrilling movie experiences you will ever have. Some time with a great movie at the Imax Theatre is great way to relax after a busy day in Myrtle Beach. Treat your family to the memorable experience of a movie at the Imax Theatre and tons of other great activities on your cheap vacation to Myrtle Beach!


  • Hours of operation vary by season. Please check the schedule for show times.
  • Shows are appropriate for all ages
  • Theater is handicap accessible.