10 Top Moab Things to Do

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This list of the top things to do in Moab, UT will keep you entertained and happy on your vacation. You will love the variety and adventure this list gives you!
10 Top Moab Things to Do
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Jetboat tours
Canyonlands by Night Dinner Cruise gives you a cowboy-style meal before you take off to explore the night on the Colorado River. Your cowboy-style meal is cooked in an authentic dutch-oven for you to enjoy. After the meal, you get the chance to relax and enjoy the clear beauty of a Moab evening as you cruise along. When night has fallen, a 40,000 watt illumination of the canyon wall will be started by your guide and you will enjoy a unique show played right before you.
Available 79 days between Jul 1, 2017 & Oct 31, 2017 View Schedule
Exploring the canyons
Cruise down the Colorado River and explore the Canyonlands National Park with the 4 Hour Jetboat Tour. This tour will give you the chance to view parts of the park that are only visible from the water as well as well-known places like Dead Horse State Park, Themla and Louise Point, and a natural ampitheater of the area. Your jetboat tour is narrated, so you get to learn about the fascinating things you see during the tour.
Available 135 days between Now & Nov 15, 2017 View Schedule
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Exploring the canyonlands
Just when the sun begins to set on the horizon, the natural and unique Moab landscape comes to life with stretching shadows and orange hues. On this Sunset Jetboat Dinner, you can see all of the incredible formations and wildlife while you relax and feast on a dutch oven dinner.
Available 63 days between Jul 1, 2017 & Oct 28, 2017 View Schedule
unWine'd & Dine Canyonlands Sunset Tour, music
For one of the top adventures in Moab, check out the unWine'd & Dine Canyonlands Sunset Tour. The tour includes a variety of beers and wines for your drinking pleasure as well as unforgettable views of the Colorado river.
Available 47 days between Jul 1, 2017 & Oct 21, 2017 View Schedule
white water rafting
Raft the Colorado River - Scenic Splash is the perfect river rafting adventure for beginners and intermediate river rafters. If you've never gone rafting before, this is a great way to start with gentle class I, II, and III rapids for you to experience as well as a knowledgeable guide who will lead the way. As if the rapids weren't exciting enough by themselves, you will also get some incredible views of the wildlife, rock formations, and rugged terrain that have made Moab famous.
Available 109 days between Now & Oct 15, 2017 View Schedule
Jeep Expedition
4x4 Excursion to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks gives you access to the two most famous national parks in Moab. See the arches, monoliths, and other incredible rock formations that have made Moab famous in both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park from a 4x4 vehicle with this adventure. Visitors are awed by the majestic beauty of the area time and again as they travel through the rugged terrain.
Available 183 days between Now & Dec 31, 2017 View Schedule
Jeep expedition Canyonlands National Park
Take a 4x4 ride to the top of the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park, where you'll see the Colorado River, some of the many historic cattle trails, Jug Handle Arch and many more Moab attractions.
Available 183 days between Jul 2, 2017 & Dec 31, 2017 View Schedule
Westwater Canyon white rafting
Westwater Canyon One Day Raft Expedition gives you the chance to challenge yourself by going through class III and IV rapids on the Colorado River. Over a dozen named rapids including Funnel Falls, Big Hummer, and Skull will be a part of this exciting raft experience. When you aren't enjoying the rapids, you will be seeing beautiful scenery and attractions like Miner's Cabon and Wild Horse Canyon. This adventure is perfect for nature lovers with an adventurous side!
Available 86 days between Now & Sep 22, 2017 View Schedule
Scenic cruise
This jet boat tour along the Colorado River is a relaxing ride through scenic Moab. You'll see some of the beautiful rock formations that the area is famous for, as well as some Native American drawings, dinosaur tracks and the wildlife that roams the area.
Available 185 days between Now & Dec 30, 2017 View Schedule
Arches National Park expedition
Arches National Park's rugged landscape is best explored on an exciting 4x4 expedition. On this tour, you'll see some of the famous arches, arroyos and dinosaur remains for an enthralling adventure that doubles as a learning experience.
Arches National Park Expeditions is no longer being offered.
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