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If you love art, you'll love a visit to beautiful Miami, FL. Do not miss out on the opportunity to see some of the most gorgeous pieces in the area on one of these fantastic art tours.
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Miami Art Tours

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Wynwood Kitchen & Bar Dining
Art tours are what makes many vacations worth the effort, so ready yourself for this ideal "Miami Art Tour" vacation deal in and around positively incredible Miami and get ready to have the best tropical outing of your entire life.
Available 71 days between Oct 23, 2018 & Apr 30, 2019 View Schedule
New World Center
Interpret the great architecture of the City of South Beach while you go on an art tour to indulge in the sights and sounds of art and finish with a great culinary artistic dinner to enjoy and relax.
Available 135 days between Oct 23, 2018 & Aug 30, 2019 View Schedule
Explore Wynwood Walls
This walking tour will take you on an adventure through the Wynwood art district and explain the history and wonder behind the tour, it will even include recommendations on where to dine and what to see in the district.
Available 55 days between Oct 21, 2018 & Aug 25, 2019 View Schedule
Explore the street art in Wynwood
Embark on a relaxing tour where transport is provided and enjoy a ride through all of the art districts to see the wondrous art works and learn the finest places to visit.
Available 252 days between Oct 21, 2018 & Jun 30, 2019 View Schedule
Enjoy the street art on this walking tour
Enjoy the best of what Wynwood offers by going on a street art and gallery tour, viewing pieces that are painted and drawn by local artists with an opportunity to buy some of the art to take home.
Available 34 days between Oct 22, 2018 & Dec 31, 2018 View Schedule
There are art tours that are ready for you to be apart of the exhibits in which you will be explained to as part of your tour by the tour guide that knows Miami, Florida very well.
Available 81 days between Oct 25, 2018 & Apr 27, 2019 View Schedule
Wynwood Graffiti Lesson Large Board
Get creative and enjoy an art tour through the area of Miami while getting involved in an art project to learn about the art of graffiti and even create a masterpiece that is sure to be great.
Available 84 days between Nov 10, 2018 & Aug 31, 2019 View Schedule
You will have a great tour led by a real historian to take you through some of the best places for our it in the entire city, While learning new and interesting facts about the world and also rare art.
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