Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Eco-Tour

Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Eco-Tour

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You will have a great time having an unforgettable adventure on a kayak. If you like being in the swamp and having fun then this will be the time of your life. You will get to see the Florida Everglades in a different way. You will head West and enjoy time in a kayak and discover some of the most amazing nature you've ever seen in your entire life. You will be in for the time of your life as you head to miles west of Miami and embark on an unforgettable kayak tour. This will be the perfect eco-tour for you and it is an adventure you will never forget. You will go through the mangrove tunnels and enjoy an area of the Everglades where the forest grows on the water. You will see amazing wildlife and vegetation.

This place is only two hours west of Miami and you will have a 3 1/2 hour eco-tour in your kayak. You will discover a rich and diverse area that has the great ecosystem and it's a place where you will enjoy seeing and you want to take a lot of photos off. It is also an adventure that allows you to bring that special someone with you for even more fun. It is always nice to have someone special with you to enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the country.

You will get a brief introduction on how to take care of your kayak and you don't need any experience will teach you everything. After you've gotten comfortable in kayaking then you'll paddle down the lake and it will be time to start.

Take a scenic 2-hour drive west of Miami for an unforgettable kayak eco-tour through the Florida Everglades' mangrove tunnels. This area of the Everglades, where the forest grows over the tops of creeks, is brimming with abundant wildlife and vegetation. Kayak under the mangrove canopy with your expert naturalist guide and watch for herons, alligators, otters and more!

Located just a 2-hour drive west of Miami lie the incredible Florida Everglades. On this 3.5-hour eco-tour, enjoy a kayak adventure through the lush mangrove tunnels and discover the area's diverse ecosystem.

Your tour will begin with a brief introduction on how to maneuver your single-person kayak (no experience required). Once you feel comfortable with the kayak, paddle down the lake and arrive at a narrow entryway, where the mangrove tunnels form a canopy approximately 10 feet (3 meters) overhead. This is one of the largest mangrove forests in North America!

Follow your naturalist guide as you explore the vast and varied ecosystem and keep your eyes out for herons, egrets, ducks, spoonbills, alligators, otters and a variety of fish species. Along the way, your guide will provide an interesting, informative overview of the area and its incredible ecosystem.

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