Catamaran Sailing Lesson Or Boat Rental in Biscayne Bay

Catamaran Sailing Lesson Or Boat Rental in Biscayne Bay

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Catamaran Sailing Lesson or Boat Rental in Biscayne Bay
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Catamaran sailing lessons and rentals are a lot of fun because you might never have been on one of these boats before. You can rent a catamaran for your trip, and you are given the chance to have a good time with your family while learning how to sail.

The rental and lesson are all handled by a captain who knows how to help you, and they show you what must be done to remain safe on a boat such as this. You could get your whole family on this boat, or you could go out by yourself. It all depends on what you want to do.

You should be certain that you have all the safety gear you need, and you must use the gear to protect your family while learning this boat. You could learn to sail this boat fast, or you might spend some time looking at the scenery on a slow cruise on the boat. The tour itself could be a few hours, or you might spend all day out on the water.

There are many families that come to Biscayne Bay because they want to see the sunshine and scenery. They want to know that they were having the most relaxing time possible, and they want to learn something new. It is simpler than ever to enjoy this water, the warmth, and the people.

You must take some wonderful pictures of this place when you have a view of the coast, and you might learn something that will help you enjoy more beach vacations in the past. It is much simpler to learn when the captain gives you a lesson.

Sailing on a sleek catamaran is the best way to explore Miami's beautiful Biscayne Bay. Whether you want to learn how to sail or want to rent a boat to take out on your own, there is a catamaran option for you! Choose to rent a catamaran for your own adventure, or upgrade to a sailing lesson, where a professional instructor will guide your boat through the bay and teach you how to sail.

Discover the natural beauty of Biscayne Bay while you glide through the water on this Miami catamaran experience. While sailing through the bay, you will pass a variety of deserted islands, marinas and city sights like the Museum of Viscaya, the Cape Florida Lighthouse and Stiltsville, home to stilt houses that have been part of the bay for years. Beach your Hobie Cat on one of the many sandbars to enjoy a swim in Miami's clear waters, and watch out for dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and manatees, all of whom may pop out of the water at any time.

Biscayne Bay is protected from most weather conditions, which makes sailing through the bay fun and easy for sailors of all levels. The sunny weather of south Florida allows you to sail year-round - no wetsuits needed, just a whole lot of sunscreen!

Catamaran Rental:
If you choose to rental option, you will receive a 15-minute briefing on how to operate the Hobie Cat catamaran before you head out to explore the bay.

Catamaran Sailing Lesson:
If you want to learn how to sail yourself, then the one-hour or four-hour lesson option is for you.
On the one-hour sailing lesson, you will learn sailing fundamentals and the art of navigation as you sail around Biscayne Bay with your instructor.
If you select the four-hour sailing lesson, you will spend the first hour learning the basics of sailing a one-sail vessel, and you'll spend the second hour sailing on your own. During the third hour, learn to sail a two-sail boat, and spend the last hour exploring the bay on your own.

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